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Funny, but true story from the city of Tampa


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This story actually happened a couple weeks before the Bucs game, but I just wanted to share it nonetheless. I was hangin out at the Tampa Ale House on Dale Mabry with a few friends one night. We got into some kind of football argument. I can't remember the exact details on how it started, but the way it ended was like this : I said to my friends, "Oh yea ?!?! - Well I'll bet 90% of the Tampa fans in here couldn't even tell you the difference between a Free Safety and a Strong Safety. Let's bet on it. We'll ask 10 people that question, and if 2 people know the answer (more than 10%), then you win."

They accepted the bet. So I started trying to get people's attention in this noisy bar/restaurant. I yelled to the table across from us, but they couldn't hear. So I see an old man at another table, and I figure he's easy prey, a quick "10 points" in my favor, for the bet. So I get close to the table of this old man, and my friends yell out, "Hey Mickalino, that's no ordinary old man, that's Monty Kiffin, the Defensive Coordinator for the Bucs. I think he knows the difference between an FS and an SS !!".

I'm like, "Nahhh, can't be. No Way......uhhhmmm, Holy **** !! It REALLY IS Monty Kiffin !!!" .....Needless to say, I backed off and weaseled back to my table and hid behind my Pork Dinner and Beer.

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