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Why the hell was Samuels even in the game!!??

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They knew his ankle was hurt before the game and o-line is clearly our biggest weakness. So what was our best lineman

(apologies to rock Jansen) doing playing in the second quarter of a pre-season game????

I'm glad it was his ankle and not his knee. Rest him, Bruce Smith style, for the remainder of the preseason so he's fresh andc ready for the real season.

P.S. 20 points ib the first half aint half bad though!


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I'm not a big fan of second guessing decision like this. This is a contact sport and players can get injured every day. At some point you've got to get the line some time to jell and with the starting quarterback job riding on those preseason games you have to at least try to give each and everyone of those guys equal opportunity.

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My thoughts exactly, Laurent. If he was out there in the fourth quarter, you'd start wondering.

But, in the second quarter, I didn't see any issue with it. The OL needs reps together, and also needs to get into game shape.

Set him with a nice seat for the next couple of weeks and don't let him see the field until that ankle is in good shape.

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