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Being Competitive in the Division again


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Prior to this year, when was the last time we won a meaningful divisional game. The only one I can think of in not too distant memory is when Schotferbrains had Lavar shadow McGnat to beat the Ea-girls in 2001. Other than that, our only wins in the Spurrier era were against lame duck coaches where the team had already mailed it in. Even last year's win against the collapsing Giants was fairly worthless. This year we've already toughed our way through 2 division wins, including one on the road. Yes, we got thoroughly embarrassed by the Giants, but I still hold some hope we can rebound and pull out an upset when we face them at home, provided our DTs are healthy by then. The playoffs are still an uphill battle, but at least we are contenders in November, instead of divisional doormats.

Here's to hoping we stay undefeated at home. HTTR!!!

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This is what I hoped for with the return of Gibbs. everybody was toaking about going back to the Super Bowl, blah, blah,blah.

I'm thrilled for the team to be competitive again. Really competitive. Winning division games. In the playoff hunt. This is the first and most important step to any more success which may come.

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