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The 5 Keys to Winning the Game


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I've seen a lot of people beating around the bush about it. Here is (from what ive read in threads + own take) the 5 keys to the redskins beating the eagles on sunday night.

5. Contain Brian Westbrook

- Tatum Bell, Priest Holmes, Frank Gore, Tiki Barber: names sound familiar? The last 4 backs to face the Redskins have ripped off big plays against the defense. Brian Westbrook has only 304 yards this season (3.9 average) but that does not mean the Eagles will not look to get back on track against a proven vulnerability against the Redskins. Frustrate the running game early, and the Eagles are 1 dimensional.

4. Protect Brunell

- Last week was a reminder of what happens when Brunell doesn't have time to look over the defense. Protect him with 8 men. Brunell, when given time/space, can throw darts. Take away that time/space, he's throwing ducks.

3. Stay with the Running Game, Early and Often

- Clinton Portis' 4 rushes for 9 yards were career lows. The Giants game got ugly in a hurry when a frantic Brunell was forced to throw on 2/3 downs a set. If Portis can get on track, the Eagles will be forced to keep the blitz at home, and Mark Brunell will be able to snipe away the underneath passes.

2. Get to McNabb

- How many yards did Donovan McNabb pass for in his first 12 attempts last week. Zero. It is hard to get credit for passing yards if you can't complete a pass in your first 12 attempts. The Denver Broncos defensive line is a re-hash of the Cleveland Browns team from the past few seasons-- this is not a dominant squad. The Redskins can have similar success by implementing Gregg Williams' style packages: cornerback blitzes, delayed blitzes, and defensive line movement in addition to unleashing the linebackers.

1. Execute

- If the Redskins do not turn over the football and catch their passes, the Giants game is a lot closer. For the first time all season, the Redskins looked scared and juvenile. What was missing was the sharpness they displayed in every game, even the prior road losses. The Redskins passing game is dependent on the speed of the outside wide receivers who get yards after the catch, and the consistency of targets such as Chris Cooley underneath who tack on "freebie" yards when the opponent's defense is stretched. This attack has worked effectively all season, it will continue to work if the passes are crisp and the hands are reliable. In terms of turnovers, well, that's a no brainer. If you fumble kickoffs and forget the ball, you don't win football games.

Well, theres my 25 cents. Hope yall agree/enjoy. Anything I missed??

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