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Antonio Pierce & this years 'Skins Defense

Khun Kao

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I realize that the subject of A. Pierce has been talked to death. I apologize in advance for starting a new topic, but I had a thought regarding what he meant to our defense last year and why our defense isn't as successful this year.....

I totally understand and can agree with what people have said regarding his physical ability actually only being about average. He simply is not on the short-list for Canton, and probably not the Pro Bowl either.

However, he is smart as hell. Since he played the role of the "Defense QB" last year, that means that he directed everyone to where they were supposed to be. Could it be that the problems with missed assignments this year is directly related to his absence in our backfield?

Without him directing everyone to their assignments and what to be on guard for, maybe this is why our guys seem to be stumbling and bumbling around out there so much......

On a side note, who would LOVE to see him become an assistant coach under Gregg Williams in the future (with them both being on the 'Skins payroll)?

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pierce isnt old...by the time he retires if he doesnt get hurt GW could be either a)not coaching anymore or b)a head coach somewhere. personally, i dont care whose on the staffas long as the D cna produce, and hopefully GW fixes what is wrong and people stop missing AP

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I like Pierce also but I don't think is so smart as to be able to make Holdman get off the block and tackle. Also last year we were just average on D when Griffin was out. Make no mistake he was a huge lose in that Giants game.

Personally I think Lavar is going to elevate the D with his play. If Gregg uses him proparly (weak side LB) I think he can shut down the run on the left.

However we did lose something with Pierce and that was his tackling ability. He is a very solid tackler and you need to be that as a MLB.

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