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I really like this Sean Taylor guy!


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yeah, I take it you watched my highlight video this week, or just his compilation from last year.

Yeah I think it was your highlights.

I rember thinking "Man this Taylor guy is all over the place."

And that brutal smack on the reciever in the endzone! I think two people got hurt on that one, nothing serious that is.

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Better than Dawkins..ok

you guys got some real homers on this board. Be a bit objective will ya. I think Taylor is good too, but Dawkins, Harrison, and Reed are better. Oh, and for his role as a true SS, ill take Roy Williams over him too.

Well, to be fair, atleast give Sean Taylor some time in the league, he is only in his second year. Brian Dawkins has been in the league, what—16 years? :silly:

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He is better than Dawkins, because Dawkins is an eag, and Taylor is a Skin.

Got that newb?

Seriously, I think he is faster, and hits harder.

If you look at the stats, both guys are pretty much even over the past two years.

Dawkins beat him by 2 tackles last year, and that was Taylors rookie year.

Sean just gives off that vibe that he is going to be the best in his field, if given just a little time.

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He will be a great safety one day. I like Sean Taylors attitude, but it gets him in trouble.. He cost the team 15 yards at a bad point in the game. The long runs are basically the safetys job to stop. He has overpursued the run now in 4 games. A running back should never get 60 yards on a run. It is the safetys job to survey the play first, then react. He got caught up in the line instead of staying in his position. He is on his way, he just needs to learn to stay in his position until it is determined whether it is a inside or outside run.

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