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Positive things to say for my fellow Redskin fans


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To be blunt, I know things suck right now. I know today's been real hard, but cheer up! The 49er game was an abberation, and so was the game today! This game was an obvious fluke that we will try our best to hide in the coming weeks, and the best way to do that is to win.

Behold as our next opponent is getting murdered by a team we fought well against. The Eagles are getting almost as embarrassed as we were today, and we have them next week; at home!

We cannot give up hope in what we have believed in over a fluke. It's just plain wrong. Besides, it would surprise me to see the Eagirls win next week.

I know things are bad, but the Gnats will get their's. Hopefully by us later in the season. :)

Here's to a 5-3 record going into the second half of our season! :cheers:

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