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NFC Beast's Stream-of-consciousness Giantz Rool Thread (Merged)

NFC Beast

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I don't know that that the teams are that closely matched. The second ranked offense in the NFL featuring the league leader in receiving yards facing a team that is ranked 31st in total defense. Sure they have a respectable offense with a couple of big weapons but the Skins defense is one of the elite units in the NFL. And Im tired of hearing all this crap about Eli "coming alive" in the fourth quarter to lead a remarkable comeback against denver. Maybee it was more a case of the denver defense dying in the fourth quarter, much like they did against the skins (with the exception of Ian Gold and that tipped 2 pc, Damn Him)

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it is now the eve of the Giants-Redskins Round I , with the winner moving into first place by himself with an Eagles loss.

with that said.............

I Told You Guys the Giants Would Win.

Now bow down before me :notworthy

That answer is incorrect.

But please make sure to visit us after the game. Don't be the kind of chump who talks smack and then is nowhere to be found when the dust settles and their eyes start watering, in the wake of another SKINS VICTORY! :gaintsuck

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