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For the last time, Giants fans...


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offense, for the last time, is not measured by points. just the same way defense isnt. if a team has a really bad special teams unit, and lets their opponent start from the 50, the special teams is responsible for a lot of the points scored on the defense. same thing with offense. if special teams is great for your team, and you start every drive on the 50, youre gonna score way more than a team that starts on the 20.

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I'm not going to defend the ranking system...but it is what it is...it ranks teams on yardage.

Now, both yardage and points are affected by ST and turnovers. But the official ranking is yardage, so when Skins fans say "We're #2 in offense and #4 in defense" we're not making it up...it's a fact.

EXACTLY! (well said)

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This is understandable. but games arent won by yards gained either...it's won by the points scored.

thats why they have a separate stat for games in which teams score more points than their opponents... i believe its called "wins"

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lets just put it this way, without ranks, you cant really say what team is good at what or not good at what.

i mean, how else would you measure a team other than stats and rankings? by talent??? yea, Dan Snyder learned that talent alone doesn't win football games.

Although stats shouldn't be relied upon too heavily, the majority of the time, they give a pretty good generalization of how good a football team is.

some Giants fans are saying we are stat crazy blah blah. so we are... we are a little crazy with the Redskins stats... well... i'm sure if the Giants D wasn't ranked 31st or whatever and was ranked top 5, they'd be flaunting that stat too. i'm sure if we were 31st ranked Defense, we'd say, "we are better than what the stats say."

it's a hard truth though, statistics do mean something.

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