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Bozo playing in San Diego isnt quality? Oh wait San Fran is...quality...

Lets see..

Giants 42, Cardinals 19 - Wow. I guess since our win against the 49ers doesn't count, I guess this one doesn't either?

Giants 27, Saints 10 - Way to dominate a 2-5 team.

Giants 23, Chargers 45 - Lost by 22 points to a good team. We lost to two equivalent teams by a combined 9 points.

Giants 44, Rams 24 - Another domination of a sub - .500 team.

Giants 13, Cowboys 16 - So, we win by a point and you lose by three, yet our team isn't nearly as good?

Giants 24, Denver 23 - Nice win over a good opponent. So, because it was a last second win, it shouldn't count because you got "lucky", right? Isn't that the knock you put on some of our wins?

It'll be settled on the field, but I'm not as worried about the Giants as I was about the Cowboys a few weeks back.

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