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Que pasa, amigos?


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Here is what I don't know, but, I think your team is going to the SuperBowl this year! Yes, I am a Cowboy fan, and proud of it...!

The Redskins have been doing really good, and if it was not for some bad officiating....?

I also like to talk in Spinish...but, since most of this board is ignorant of a 2nd language, I will do English, OK?

It aggravates me to read some of you're posts. I read some post about being scared of the Giants, and some weeping among you about the Eagles, worring that you will lose those game! What the f.... is that all about?

Bad dog! Bad dog!!! Your team just put up some wicked points? I can't count that high...! If your QB stays healthy, you Redskins will make some noise! I'ts October, but, don't be scared, there are no monsters under the bed!

All I ask for is a wildcard...but I put down some cash, today, that says you will win the SuperBowl!

And, as usual, I will lose my money! Oh well, no big deal!

:gaintsuck :eaglesuck

So do the Cowboys, right now....

Adios amigos....

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