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Comcast DVR owners--record to PC->DVD?


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The easiest way is to use a DVD-burner component. Just plug the jacks from the DVR out to the burner in and record away. For a computer it would depend on your set-up. You have to have some type of video capture device. The reason being the signal output from the DVR's are converted to analog which then has to be converted back to digital.

PS: That Pioneer 1014 receiver is awesome for the money, best on the market in my opinion for the cost. You would have to spend over 1200.00 to get a receiver anywhere close to it, and it only cost 400-500.

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HOF44, I love my receiver--got it cheap at Best Buy, would you believe. It's been replaced by the 1015 with Windows Media file conversion. Regarding the DVD recorder, can I immediately create individual tracks, for a concert making each song a track, or will it simply stream into one long CD track (a la Prince's annoying Lovesexy)?

wskin44 (you all related?), I'll check out that forum, thanks.

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