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“ They are for real. They are playing great defense. Offensively, they are playing great football. They are at the top of the league in third-down conversions. They got big-time, explosive players on offense. They are tough to deal with.”

—Broncos S John Lynch

"Their scheme is one of those crazy things you have to see to believe," They do so much max protecting. You try to rush one blocker, but he's not paying attention to you. He's worried about the guy coming outside of you. Coaches are yelling, 'Go get them,' but go get what? As a rusher a lot of times, you are null and void. It's like trying to penetrate Fort Knox with nine people standing there."

--Broncos defensive end Trevor Pryce

"They used so many two-man routes in which they had eight in protection, "You've got to be good to be able to do that, and they are. We probably should have rushed only three instead of four or more, because it didn't make any difference. It's frustrating to go against them."

--Broncos defensive end Trevor Pryce

ESPN's take ...

Even though the Redskins lost this game it's time for the Redskins to be taken seriously as a contender in the NFC. They have an excellent defense that provided pressure on the quarterback and a defensive backfield that can make plays. In addition to that they have a renewed Mark Brunell on offense who Joe Gibbs has a lot of faith in as a player. Brunell gives this team the run-pass option that makes their offense difficult for opposing defenses to game plan against.

-- Eric Allen

When I die, I want to come back as a Washington Redskin!!! Man, I love this team :point2sky:

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I loved the Brunell trade when we made it. I ate my crow last year when he STUNK it up, but I hope that he is really stronger, healthier, and more confident and this isn't just some streak. If he can stay on his current pace, or even a little under it, I'd say he's worth the 3rd rounder. The contract though, was still a little big.

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