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Which NFL player do you hate the most?


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Jake Plummer! :laugh:

Oh, wait, you said "hate," not "pity." :silly:

Snake, :ahhhhh: ... Hey, Snake! :twitch: Oh, come on, Snake, it's not that bad, just want you to meet somebody. :anon:

Jason Steven Plummer, take that bag off your head (and that ridiculous fake moustache off of your face!) and come over here right this second!


*sigh* Jake, meet Lavar. :yikes: Lavar, meet Jake. :lift: ......... :movefast: ........

:hammer: :laythehur :whippin: :redpunch: :nutkick: :kungfu: :stick: :slap:

..... Jake? Hey, Jake, where you'd go?..... Jake, what happened?....


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T.O. he's way to ****y. I wish he would get rocked by marcus washington in an open field straight-on freight train style hit so he would shut his dang mouth. The best players don't have to talk smack or show-off cause they just bring it.:eaglesuck :helmet: :eaglesuck :helmet: :eaglesuck :helmet: :eaglesuck :helmet: :eaglesuck :helmet: :eaglesuck

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