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Skins Preseason games on TV


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Stuck in the middle of Iowa, I have a DirecTV dish and was wanting to order a FOX or other Sports Channel that might carry any of the preseason games in August...Anyone know if there is a FoxSports Washington?? or another station that will be carrying them?

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I've had good luck with a sports bar here in Gainesville. They're an old-time sports bar (they have full-size dishes, not some 12" directTV thing with Sunday Ticket), and although they can't promise to be able to get the games, they've been able to get every one so far.

As far as I know, there is no satelite subscription available that gives, well, legal rights to all the games. But even the most pidley preseason game is carried live in the two teams' cities, and that means it's on a sattelite.

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