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time to play hardball with Baby Heath Ramsey


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That's right. He's Baby Heath Ramsey to me.

Enough of this ****. If the reports by F.H. are true; then this post is pointless. I'm posting my thoughts anyway.

It's time to play hardball if Ramsey isn't signed by Sunday.

If he makes it to Japan, meaning he signs tonight and is on the plane tomorrow- then he can be forgiven.

If he signs by Sunday, he can eventually be forgiven. Still have 4 preseason games.

If he's unsigned by Monday; then I remove the current offer and only offer him the smallest deal required.

If he holds out another week-meaning past the Aug. 10 game; then I stop all negotiations with him. He can then sign with us for only the miminum required for 1st year players.

If he balks at that, then tell him to reenter the 2003 draft. We will find our QB of the future next year; in what should be a better QB draft. Let's see what he does next year.

So what's it going to be Baby Heath Ramsey?

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