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Ever notice how the word enamored is used by players for Snyder??


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I read the article in the Post about Gardener and he said he was "enamored" with Snyder. I have seen this word used many times when players are asked about Snyder, when any people meet Snyder. Heck, even ole Marty admitted he was wrong about Snyder after he had met him.

It seems to me that anyone who actually meets Dan Snyder, likes him-- Likes his attitude, likes his way of conducting business.

Any chance the media will ever be "enamored" with Snyder and his passion for the Skins? Without a SuperBowl trophy or two, I doubt it. Maybe, just maybe, the media might want to re-think their position on Snyder, afterall, anyone who meets him and talks with him seems to like him or is "enamored".

Maybe the Media should all, one by one, just meet him and talk with him and not rely on recycled history. So sad the media has Little Danny pegged with negatism that is printed with endless frequency to all who follow the sport.

It is so very sad when you meet a person with limited football knowledge, you tell them you are a Redskin fan, and they say, "Doesn't the a--hole, what's his name, something Snyder, own the Redskins?"

Thanks Media for drawing a picture with a permanent Sharpie marker that no amount of Fantastik can clean. Perhaps, like the Sharpie stains on my fingers it will eventually fade away.

Rant complete.

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what is there not to like for a player coming in?

the practice facilities are good, the money is good, the owner is willing to enhance the lives of the players with perks.

what is good for the players themselves is not seen as being good by the media.

the media views this kind of operation as being unnecessarily rich and competitive, using money to 'buy' respectability.

the NFL watchers would much rather see a financially challenged team like Pittsburgh win a Super Bowl with a team of slightly underpaid peformers and guys waiting to cash in as free agents with other teams.

it has always been that way.

the only difference is the Redskins used to spend the money BUT were also near the top so no one around here felt the downdraft of this kind of media hostility.

it is only when you don't win it all that the criticism for spending the money comes in.

look at how the Yankees and ole George are being covered now vs. in the mid-1980's when the team had the highest payroll and lost 75 or 80 games. :)

winning makes all the difference.

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You have to remember we play in the same division as the Giants and Cowboys, who are two media darlings. We not only play in that division, we have a tradition of winning it. We will always be hated by the sports press as a result.

The hysteria over Snyder was completely unjustified by any rational accounting of what he actually did. He came in to a team that was way under the cap, re-signed the vets, brought in some free agents, and manuevered a great trade to get Chris Samuels. All this left the Skins middle-of-the-pack cap-wise. He then fired an inept coach.

There have been some mistakes. But every owner, even the veteran ones, have made some mistakes over the last three years. And several have had one year of a big payroll (including the Super Bowl winning Ravens). With the cap, a one-year big payroll is pretty meaningless, but the press never explained that (probably because they didn't understand it).

Snyder will be in the league long enough, and have enough success, that grudging respect will have to be paid. But it will be grudging, because there has never been a rational reason for all the bashing.

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I remember when some reporter went fishing with Snyder on racism to see if anything would stick to the wall. Snyder replied that his best friend was black and that he was the best man at his wedding. When the media talks about Snyder they don't bother talking to him, they just break out the sketch pad and look at the caricature. If it doesn't fit with reality then so what, it makes good copy. Marty discovered for himself that he bought into a crock of bull when he made comments about Snyder with no facts.

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