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Best Assessment Of Our Line Ever!

Zen-like Todd

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from the post article.

Redskins offensive line coach Kim Helton admits his unit still could use some bolstering.

"Nobody has proven they can be a starting guard in this system, or any system," Helton said. "Right now we're very unsettled in the middle of the offensive line."

After losing center Cory Raymer and guard Dave Szott as free agents and failing to re-sign guard Ben Coleman, the Redskins are remaking the middle of their offensive line for a second straight year.

The team signed Larry Moore as a free agent to play center, but he played guard most recently for the Indianapolis Colts. The Redskins signed Rod Jones via free agency to start at right guard, but he was a right tackle for the St. Louis Rams. And, for now, the club's best options at left guard are David Loverne, a backup for the New York Jets who was obtained in a trade, and NFL journeyman Kipp Vickers.

"I hope we add a bunch more guys," Helton said. "If people become available who can help us pass protect, we need to try to add them."

Coleman remains available and another Redskins guard from last season, Matt Campbell, also is a free agent. Ray Brown is unsigned after being released by the San Francisco 49ers, and fellow veteran Glenn Parker says he would like to play but knows that is unlikely after his surgically repaired knee failed the Giants' physical and he was released.

Helton seemed to suggest, however, that he would prefer to wait and see which other players become available in the coming weeks. "I'll abstain on giving my opinion on those four," he said. . . .

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I would just grab Brown, just to see if he can at least play for us for this season, while definitely gear up for an acquisition for the 2003 season. He could help the player that needs some developing as well, thus giving some value to the depth chart. C'mon guys, get it done please.

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Guest Trevor

I was and still am against drafting a guard in the first round, but with the guards that were available in the 2nd-4th rounds, we should have gotten at least one capable prospect considering how many picks we had in those rounds. I still think we could have gotten one with the 2nd round pick and nailed Betts in the 3rd round as from everything I read he would have still been there.

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I'm still against using a first rounder on a guard .... and am still reluctant to expend a second rounder unless the value is clearly there.

But damn, we should have been able to stock pile a few of these guys in roudns 3-5 over the last few years. I guess we're really getting screwed by the collapse of Derek Smith, Mookie Moore, Derek Fletcher, and Mark Fischer .... my hunch is that all of these guys were deemed sufficiently bright prospects that the GM felt comfortable ignoring guard in prior drafts.

Of course, I'm still shocked we didn't grab one this year. Oh well .... next year's draft will be evenly distributed bt/wn OG and DL with one WR mixed in. That should be the entirety of our draft.

And please God ... turn R.Coleman into a starting prospect!

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Originally posted by W&M

Sadly, I think they've been looking awful in Skeleton Drills too (i.e., no pass rush in your face).

All right, then sign Ramsey. He may be raw, but he's the only one of the 4 QBs whom another GM would describe as having "A" list potential.

If we're going to have crappy QB play, I'd at least like to be developing the solution to the problem -- i.e., giving Ramsey game experience.

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