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D Green is the last player selected in the 1983 draft still playing. Bruce Matthews is retiring, and Trey Junkin was released by the Cards.

Cardinals | Junkin Won't Return - from KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)

January 23, 2002 8:14:09 PT The Arizona Republic reports the Arizona Cardinals have informed LS Trey Junkin they will not offer him a contract during the off-season. He's an unrestricted free agent. The team plans to go with rookie Nathan Hodel in 2002.

No other player selected from that draft is still active. A few are now coaches. The following lists all the first round selections, and other notable players and all redskin players.


1983 NFL Draft

Round 1

Sel# Team Player Pos. School

1 Baltimore Elway, John QB Stanford

2 L.A. Rams Dickerson, Eric RB Southern Methodist

3 Seattle Warner, Curt RB Penn State

4 Denver Hinton, Chris T Northwestern

5 San Diego Smith, Billy Ray OLB Arkansas

6 Chicago Covert, Jimbo T Pittsburgh

7 Kansas City Blackledge, Todd QB Penn State

8 Philadelphia Haddix, Michael RB Mississippi State

9 Houston Matthews, Bruce G Southern California

10 N.Y. Giants Kinard, Terry S Clemson

11 Green Bay Lewis, Tim DB Pittsburgh

12 Buffalo Hunter, Tony TE Notre Dame

13 Detroit Jones, James FB Florida

14 Buffalo Kelly, Jim QB Miami

15 New England Eason, Tony QB Illinois

16 Atlanta Pitts, Mike DE Alabama

17 St. Louis Smith, Leonard S McNeese State

18 Chicago Gault, Willie WR Tennessee

19 Minnesota Browner, Joey S Southern California

20 San Diego Anderson, Gary RB Arkansas

21 Pittsburgh Rivera, Gabriel NT Texas Tech

22 San Diego Byrd, Gill CB San Jose State

23 Dallas Jeffcoat, Jim DE Arizona State

24 N.Y. Jets O'Brien, Ken QB Cal-Davis

25 Cincinnati Rimington, Dave C Nebraska

26 L.A. Raiders Mosebar, Don C Southern California

27 Miami Marino, Dan QB Pittsburgh

28 Washington Green, Darrell CB Texas A&M-Kingsville

Round 2

32 L.A. Rams Ellard, Henry WR Fresno State

37 N.Y. Giants Marshall, Leonard DT Louisiana State

39 Buffalo Talley, Darryl OLB West Virginia

49 San Francisco Craig, Roger RB Nebraska

56 Washington Williams, Richard RB Memphis

Round 3

61 Kansas City Lewis, Albert CB Grambling

64 Chicago Duerson, Dave S Notre Dame

84 Washington Mann, Charles DE Nevada

Round 4

93 Buffalo Junkin, Trey TE Louisiana Tech

108 Dallas Faulkner, Chris TE Florida

110 L.A. Raiders Townsend, Greg DE Texas Christian

Round 6

167 Miami Roby, Reggie P Iowa

168 Washington Laufenberg, Babe QB Indiana

Round 7

196 Washington Bryant, Kelvin RB North Carolina

Round 8

197 Denver Kubiak, Gary QB Texas A&M


Round 9

237 N.Y. Giants Haji-Sheikh, Ali K Michigan

Round 10

276 Cincinnati Krumrie, Tim NT Wisconsin

279 Washington Gandy, Geff LB Baylor

Round 11

Round 12

310 Denver Mecklenburg, Karl ILB Minnesota:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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Wow, that's scary yet encouraging at the same time. You can look at that list and say, wow, what a great draft with players like Darrell Green, Eric Dickerson, John Elway, and Jim Kelly. But then there were some serious, "who the eff are they?" instances.

I guess that's the case with any draft.

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The 1983 has to be the best draft of all time. It's already known as the best QB draft of all time, but there are a ton of other notable players, including such HOF locks as Eric Dickerson and Darrell Green.

Just look at the list of HOF locks, HOF candidates and HOF near misses:

John Elway

Dan Marino

Jim Kelly

Ken O'Brien

Eric Dickerson

Darrell Green

Curt Warner

Bruce Matthews

Henry Ellard

Roger Craig

Chris Hinton

Joey Browner

Terry Kinard

Billy Ray Smith

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There's mumble mumble always mumble mumble hope. :D

That was a fairly deep draft. Sigh. I am old. :silly: Oh, and on the topic of alternative universes, anyone see that special on ESPN about Elway? How at the worst of times in Denver, Broncos and Washington were talking trade?

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I was thinking the same thing.

If we somehow landed Marino and the surfer boy traded the following years number one or next years number two to move up and take Darrell green early in the second round.

Man I'm greedy and I can dream after a few cognacs

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