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$10 million for one Year??


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With the way things are going, Dan Snyder will pay Marty $10 million for one year, and an 8-8 record and an offense that will be handed over to Steve Spurrier without the tools he needs to "do his thing." Not to mention, a transition to a style of football that the current players know to be the antithesis of what they do.

I love the fact that Snyder single handedly keeps the Skins competive through his drive to win and through his checkbook. But was Marty that bad? I hated him for some of the things he did, but the Skins were 8-3 to end the season. I don't like Jimmy Raye at all, and in that sense, Schottenheimer played his cards like a true businessman by refusing to change his staff; he wanted to be fired b/c he knew he'd collect $7.5 million.

If money aint no thang to Danny Snyder, I'm not complaining... but, if I were the owner I'd spend my money a little better.

I'll welcome Spurrier with open arms, because that will bring excitement back to the offense, don't get me wrong. I just think schottenheimer should have gottten one more year. $10mill for two years is better than $10mill for one year.

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Marty absolutely deserved another year. No one should be expected to completely turn a team around in one year, even in today's game. BUT ... Snyder wanted Spurrier last season. If this is truly the guy he's wanted all along and this was when he had the oppoortunity to get him ... well ... I guess he felt he had to get him.

Marty was well compensated (to say the least) for the job he did here. I doubt he's crying into any pillows tonight.

[edited.gif by Brave on January 13, 2002.]

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Actually, somebody around here said that there is supposedly a clause in Marty's contract, saying that, if he's fired in the first year, he gets an additional $2M.

And I don't feel nearly as bad about Marty's $10M as I do about Deion's $8. At least Marty was trying to help the team.

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