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One thing I like that Bang did


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I love that Bang mercilessly parodied Terrell Owens in his cartoons. Owens epitomizes everything I'm against in the NFL. The man is the quintessential prima donna. He's a show-boater and everything is "me me me!" He's the antithesis of a team player. I'd bet many of the fans here have played sports in school as I have and can thus relate to what I have to say. The values I learned were that the good of the team comes before all else. I stand by those values and want to see them reflected in the NFL.

Herschel Walker is a great example of a team guy. He had an impeccable work ethic and didn't consider himself above any rookie. He considered it his duty to study the playbook just as hard as any young buck trying to make the team. He's one of my all time favorite Cowboys because of the kind of person he is. When he was traded away I was upset and angry, not realizing at the time that the trade would be such a bonanza for the team. When he returned to the team as an older player, he never once complained about making so much less money or about no longer playing a leading role. He put his heart into special teams and had many outstanding punt and kick runbacks that helped the team win.

I'm not as up on Redskin players, but I seem to remember John Riggins being a stand-up guy. And Billy Kilmer, if memory serves me correctly, succeeded by working as ass off while other quarterbacks in the league were more talented than he was. He was no glamor boy, but he made plays through rugged determination. These are the kind of guys I like seeing play. I'd be perfectly happy to see guys like Terrell Owens shipped off to Canada to act like spoiled brats in that other league. It's a shame because Owens has the talent. There's no doubt about that. He just doesn't have the attitude. So if this Bang guy wants to keep blasting Terrell Owens, he has my full support.

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Take a deep breath and relax, man. Mine was a post praising Bang's talents and talking about the kind of NFL players I like to see in the league and those I don't like. I've posted before about how hilarious Bang's cartoons are. I don't limit what I like about his stuff to one isolated thing. There's something funny in every one he's done. I even laughed at Hoedown. Life's too short to not be able to laugh at yourself. I admire this guy's talent.

We love the same sport and I respect that the Redskins have contributed to the league. I think you'll find we can get along.

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Originally posted by dreamingwolf

if theres only one thing from Bang you like then your probably a pathetic humorless dolt, and more than likely featured in HOEDOWN!

whoa man, you must be kidding. The guy is a cowboys fan, but he didnt come to flame or troll, he just said he likes Bangs work, and even praised some skins players. Please say you were only joking, as I didnt see anything that woulda shown that.

Apeman, yeh, the TO question has been discusessed many times over here, im sure we all agree there.

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It's good to see that you respected Walker. Walker, as far as I know, was one of the nicest, most respectful(to himself and others) and hardest working players in the NFL ever. And considering how much natural talent he had, that's quite a testament to his his moral choices and character.

You struggled to think of Redskins like that, but remember ART MONK?

There ya go :)

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