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AHA! Pasquarelli NOW Says Gaffney To Be Impact Receiver!


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Isn't this typical?

Lenny picks Gaffney as his favorite rookie receiver to excel now that he is with the darling Houston Texans.

When it was assumed that Gaffney would be a target of Steve Spurrier and the Redskins BEFORE the draft supposedly there were questions about Jabar's speed and size and fit..... :laugh:

Hey, as long as they aren't on the Redskins they have a chance to make the big time :silly:

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Pasquarelli is such an anti-Skins guy it's not even funny. Had the Redskins drafted Gaffney I guarantee he would have taken shots at Spurrier for drafting "his guy" and he would have pointed out how many Florida WR's have had mediocre NFL careers.

But now Gaffney is an impact rookie according to him, what a joke he is!

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to be fair, Pasquarelli was criticizing a supposed pick of Gaffney in the middle of the first round. I think we agreed with him. If you guys remember correctly there was some pre-draft talk of us moving up to pick gaffney. In that case we would definately be wrong to pick him up. Anyway, I think Lenny P. does go out of his way to say that JG isn't the best receiver in this draft, he's just the one who is probably going to have the most catches.


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well, at some point the hairsplitters get the better of me :)

as far as I am concerned you go out and get a receiver that is going to put up 70 catches, 1,100 plus yards and 6 or 7 td's and that is worth a first round draft choice, at least if that player can do it consistently.

so, I don't know where this 'he is a damn good pick at #29 but at #18 he is a stiff' logic comes from.

Sure, I recognize the difference betwen taking Dwayne Goodrich or Quincy Carter at #2 instead of #4 or #5 in the draft. I think anyone can.

But when analysts get to the point where a guy is perhaps taken 5 or 6 picks ahead of where he is slotted to go, what the hell is the difference if the player is highly productive?

The point is to get productive players.

And there isn't anyone that can convince me that Jabar Gaffney would not have been a better fit his first year in THIS offense here in Washington than he will be with the Texans.

All that talk about how Spurrier's system covers the inability of his players to take the step up to the next level is quickly forgotten when they go to another team.

Now, Gaffney and Caldwell DO have a chance to excel, eh?

But running the same system as they had in college here in Washington, they would have strugged and been potential disappointments as Redskins draft picks?


Once you get to this level, which means you have talent, you make your name by being a competitor and WANTING IT more than the next guy.

All this garbage about Westbrook being tall and fast and handsome doesn't mean s*** to me :laugh:

Ricky Sanders had half of his athletic ability and was TWICE the receiver. :)

For all those who think you have to be 6'0 and 210 with 4.3 speed to be effective in this league it is good to remember that Michael Irvin got by running a 4.6 and Wayne Chrebet makes the pro bowl at 5'9...........:D

Pasquarelli is a bonehead.

if Mike Martz had been successful in signing Jacquez Green as he tried to do, LP would have lauded the move as a chance for the Rams to work with and develop a guy that had been a high draft choice but had languished unloved and unwanted in Tampa, handled by people that didn't appreciate his underlying talent........


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I agree Bulldog....I've seen some places where they said Ramsey was not worth a first round pick, but we should have traded up our 2nd rounder to get him at the begining of round two. WTF??? You shouldn't take him at 32, but he's worth it at 35 or 36??? I think the internet has coused too many people to have a forum for worthless opinions. Except all of us, of course. :D

NINE days until my Korean exile is over.

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to be fair, Pasquarelli was criticizing a supposed pick of Gaffney in the middle of the first round.

There's a difference in criticizing the player or critcizing the pick the player went at. You could say, "He's a very good player but not in the upper-echelon, I'd say late 1st round." Instead of saying, "He has questionable durability and hands." Len P. is totally changing his tune.

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Pasquarelli gets me moody with him, cool then warm, then cool again, then warm...

That's pretty much his style also. Sometimes he's right, and sometimes he's flat out wrong!

Gaffney is a rookie and as a rookie, will be playing for a NEW team, he'll be new to his system and new to the NFL. If he's the number one rookie receiver by production, he will have carved his name in the NFL as much as Jimmy Smith,Charley Taylor, Sanders (Cardinals),Isaac Bruce, and Michael Irvin in their rookie seasons. That is saying a lot for a receiver that will also have the best cover corner of each team on him at times, if not the whole game and a dose of mistakes that absolutely no rookie can escape :laugh: Ask Jerry Rice, Raymond Berry, Charlie Taylor, and a host of other world renouned WR's!

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I wish him luck to show that S Double does have an eye for talent.

Its gonna be fun when S Double succeeds and the media has to deal with it

2cents congrats on being a one digit midget. I remember my chain of paper clips used for my countdown when stationed overseas

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I wish we would have drafted him. He would have been a top pick on any fantasy team. I'm not exactly sure why people are questioning his small hands when he's been so successful up to this point. He set the NCAA record for touchdowns scored as a freshman so he certainly has talent. We hated to see him leave UF early, but it was inevitable. People said he would have stayed only if SOS did because he felt a debt to him for letting him back on the team. But with SOS gone, there was no good reason to stay.

I honestly wonder if SOS was concerned about the backlash from picking one of his guys. Perhaps if the draft were a few more months down the road and SOS was more settled in, I think he would have chosen Gaffney. But we all know SOS is a QB guy so maybe that had something to do with it.

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