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Kipp Vickers Starter at Left Guard?


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I know it seems far fetched and he seems to lack the quickness to be a lead blocker from the left side, but with each passing day and the somewhat uninspiring list of candidates otherwise on the roster, the situation begs the question of whether the Redskins will be left with having to give Vickers a shot inside as the starter, at least initially.

Yes, David Loverne has been getting work with the first team in the minicamps and David Brandt started one game last year at guard, but Vickers started 11 games last year for the Ravens.

He didn't earn rave reviews from Brian Billick and was not re-signed, however, when compared with a player like Loverne whose claim to fame has been lining up in the backfield as a goal line fullback, Vickers' starting doesn't seem that far-fetched.

My earnest hope is the team does spend some of the remaining cap room to secure a more capable performer.

Perhaps the delay in bringing in a veteran candidate is some behind the scenes wrangling with the agents for a Brown or Coleman over bonus, years, etc........

At least let's hope that is the case. :)

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I suppose it was the attempts of Vickers to fill in at left tackle a couple of years ago that gave me such an initial poor impression of him as a competitor.

He just seemed to give up on some plays after he started to get beaten to the edge by the defense.

My question is if Vickers play was more than decent last season and he was willing to sign for a reasonable amount, how come Billick and the Ravens jettisoned him so easily?

They have a large job to do in finding quality replacements for a number of their free agent losses on defense and one would think they would hold onto a decent performer at least until a clear upgrade became available?

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