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Do Players Realize they are NOT above the Team?


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I am irritated about a couple of our Redskins players. First Sean Taylor, this is the most obvious one. He didn't return Gibbs phone calls earlier in the off-season, didn't attend voluntary workouts because he wanted a 'bigger' contract, and then gets into legal trouble. Its as if he has a 'me first' mentality, as many young guns often do. Lavar Arrington keeps pluggin this contract dispute, and its getting old, fast. The man hardly didn't play last year, why can't he just use that as motive for this season and call it even with the team (if in fact he was shorted money). Rod Gardner has been the same, he puts himself before the team. Refused to go to voluntary workouts and made it known that he didn't want to be here, now it looks like hes stuck. When will players realize they are not above the team? The Redskin tradition, the Redskin team/organization is above even the greatest of Redskin players. No player is above this. Sadly I am not sure if Taylor, Gardner, and even Arrington are aware or believe this. I had more hope with Lavar, but hes claimed to be the leader numerous times yet he sure hasnt acted like it of late.

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