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Redskins vs Eagles and you can play


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Heard this on the Bram show tonight and on ebay you can bid to actually play in the game!! :cheers:

Apoligize if this has been posted.


NFL Style Flag Football Coming to Town

By John E. DeFreitas

WI Sports Writer

Last week at the Palm Restaurant in D.C., NFL alumni players from the Washington Redskins and their counterparts from Philadelphia Eagles announced the details and logistics for the inaugural 2005 PriceWaterhouse Flag Football Legends Showdown, a spectator-oriented flag football game featuring local NFL rivals, Redskins vs. Eagles.

The luncheon included Redskins alumni Mark Mosley, Ken Harvey and Brian Mitchell. The Eagles alumni were represented by Calvin Williams, Otis Smith and John Booty.

Steve Winters of Brotman Communications introduced the attending alumni representatives to a packed room of local press. When the alumni introduced themselves, the head table quickly became like a “Pre-Game Boxing Media Event” when members took “jabs” at one another, highlighting the rivalry of the good old playing days.

Mitchell was quick to let everyone know he is back as a Redskins alum, teasing John Booty of his playing days’ rivalry. Mark Moseley reminded us he was originally drafted by the Eagles in the 80’s before ending his career with the Redskins. Moseley was quick to say because he started his football kicking days in Philadelphia and ended his career in Washington, he wants the kicking part of the game eliminated to avoid any conflict of “kicking interest.”

The showdown is actually a two game affair, the first of which will take place Sunday afternoon on July 24 th at Prince George’s Sports Learning Center in Landover, Maryland. The second of which will take place Saturday evening on August 13 th in Villanova, PA.

Expected to participate are more than two dozen of the most recognizable names in Washington and Philadelphia pro-football history. The event will feature NFL alumni players from the Washington chapter in an hour-long flag football.

Brian Mitchell, Ken Harvey, Dexter Manley, Andre Collins, Charles Mann and others are expected to comprise the Washington team while Randall Cunningham, Herschel Walker, Andre Waters, John Booty, Fred Barnett, Calvin Williams and Otis Smith join their retired players on the Philadelphia team.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Washington Redskins Alumni Charities, Philadelphia Eagles Alumni Charities, the Greater Washington Sports Alliance and the NFL Players Assistance Trust Fund. Donations will be made to the American Heart Association, Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Joe Gibbs Youth for Tomorrow, and many others

Activities of the day include a three-hour football festival, featuring a silent auction of valuable sports memorabilia, open fields of informal youth play, participation booths, a sponsor’s row and football inflatables. Both those players participating in the game and other, non-playing retired players will be on hand to mix, mingle and sign autographs.

The showcase event, the flag football match up, will begin at 3:00 p.m. The game is expected to be telecasted on a delay basis on Comcast Sports Net and WTEM Sports Talk 980.

John Booty of the Philadelphia chapter said, “This event is expected to provide a unique opportunity for past players to once again relive the competition, camaraderie and excitement of their playing days, getting close and personal with their fans while benefiting numerous charities in the two cities. This game will give the past players a taste of the life they left behind.”

During the silent “Online Auction” administered by eBay, fans can bid to own the team, coach the team and even play on the team. Should you “Own the Team” you will get an opportunity to arrive at the stadium in a limo, address the team before they take the field, sit in the owner’s box and even pace the sidelines in the final quarter.

Winning the online auction to be an assistant coach, you get to help decide substitutions, chart opponents’ tendencies and even pat the players on their back after a good play.

Or do you feel you can play the game with the best of the former players? You then get an opportunity to make that diving catch of your college days of playing, taking a pitchout, turning the corner and sprinting to open daylight, or breaking up that crossing pattern on the goal line. This event is open to players of both sexes and those who feel they are still physically fit to participate in the game.

Former Redskins player Gary Clark said, “These are great opportunities for fans and former players to really get involved in a game they would never want to stop loving. Definitely it is a great way of connecting with fans and players.”

In honor of the luncheon event, the Palm recognized the achievements and accomplishment of NFL all-time, all-purpose yardage leader Brian Mitchell by placing his caricature on the restaurant’s “Wall of Fame.”

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Originally posted by spm

How come they have a bunch of DBs, WRs, and Randall Cunningham while we have a bunch of LBs, DLs and a kicker?? Bmitch can do it all, but he can't do it all at once.....

I thougt that Clark and Sanders were playing and they were still working on Monk.

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