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Lavar, overrated


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Hey all,

A year ago before lastseason I made a rare post saying lavar was highly overrated and I wanted nothing to do with him. All of extreme skins blasted me for it and now everyones on the same boat.

Despite the ever present talent, there is no reason that any player should be payed numbers as high as he does without bringing any leadership to the team.

Was any one else offended that he was sitting and laughing in the sky box on games were us fans were on the verge of smashing our TV's.?

I believe this personified the character of Arrington.

Do you honestly think Ray Lewis would ever sit in the sky box spectating and laughing cuz he new he would be making bank anyway? No, he would hobble arround on one leg threatening any player with his cruches if they made undisciplined plays.

I think pierce was worth far more than lavar ever will and am very dissapointed with the decision to allow a smart, dedicated, defencive leader to go. He had a season superior to any lavar has ever had.

Of all positions, linebacker, I believe is the most based on discipline, and knowing your assignments. Every year Lavar makes bone headed plays, and they have always outnumbered the good plays he makes. I said last summer that we shouldn't resign him and now you all see.

The way this team was built, and the way it is still built is fundamentally flawed, and lavar is probably the worst of these flawes that still hangs around everyday making more noise to show the poor foundations of this team.

Does anyone else agree that something has to be done?

Just wanted to hear some feedback.

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Just cause he's overrated doesn't mean we shouldn't have resigned him.

give him a break, he was out all last year. we never truely got to see how he'd do in GW's defense.

Just cause he was in the skybox hanging with his friends for one game doesn't make him a bad guy.

I think you should find out what his teammates opinions are before calling him a detrament to the team.

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