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Reason To Be Optimistic About Ramsey

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Originally posted by flexxskins

I agree...and the shotgun formation should help him feel more comfortable also. It might bring back those glory days, when he used it at Tulane.

and the unglory days of when he used it under spurrier

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Ramsey is the man.. I've always thought that ever since we drafted him..

One thing is though, sitting on the sidelines watching Shane Matthews or WTFaurfel probably wouldn't have done him much good.. Been nice if we had Brunell 3 years ago for Ramsey to watch.

3 Years ago Brunel could have taught the kid something. I'm sure he still can but lacks the ability to "show" him rather then tell him.

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Love the post Califan. Best analysis of Ramsey we've seen. Thanks for the work. I believe that Ramsey and the offense just have to work on the little things, short yardage conversions, third down conversions, getting a little more yardage per pass and run plays, and the biggie: reduce penalties. We just need a competent offense, not a great one, to make this team a winner. Ramsey has more than proved himself capable of that.

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Wow, glad to read this thread. Nice going. I actually feel substantially better about Ramsey after reading it. I'd like to see him take over a few more games and win them on his own though. I'd also like to see him bolting out of the pocket to make plays.

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Another stat that is important, and shows a need for improvement, is Ramsey's yards per pass attempt. He was at 6.1 for 2004. Mark Brunell was at 5.0. Here's how others did:

Eli Manning 5.3.

Kyle Boller 5.5

Harrington 6.2

Fiedler 6.2

Bledsoe 6.5

Palmer 6.7

Collins 6.8

Brooks 7.0

M. Hassleback 7.1

Vinny 7.1

Vick 7.2

Pennington 7.2

Delhomme 7.3

Warner 7.4

Favre 7.6

Carr 7.6

Brady 7.8

Plummer 7.8

Brees 7.9

Bulger 8.2

T. Green 8.3

McNabb 8.3

Culpepper 8.6

Big Ben 8.9

Peyton Manning 9.2

Ramsey/Gibbs are going to have to increase his numbers this year, but because of the defense he doesn't have to get up into the 8 yards per attempt range. I think that 7 would do just fine. The Bills had the best defense in football and won nine games with Bledsoe's 6.5 yards per attempt.

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This is the first year really that ramsey knows hes the starter all offseason. Should be able to produce good numbers this year, especially in the latter stages of the year when he develops good chemistry with recieving corps. Just hope hes strong out of the gate so we dont have a controversy begin, although the media has already created one.

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