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Bobby Bethard's record in San Diego

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Did anyone else catch the segment on one of those shows on 980 where they were talking about Bethard's drafts in San Diego? They were not pretty. It was like every year he traded his first rounder for a move up in the second or third round, then drafted a player that nobody else would have wanted. I dont know if this sounds too good as a GM I would want next year...

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What must be remembered about the Chargers is that after the 1994 Super Bowl appearance ownership pulled the financial rug out from under Beathard and Bobby Ross and this lead to the team's inability to keep their own free agents and core players. Ross left as a result.

Beathard is an eccentric personnel guy, depending more on personal observations of athletes, interviews and gut intuition at times rather than the traditional metrics that are put on scouting services' laptops at BLESTO.

But if you look at what the Chargers did in free agency from 1995-1999 it was largely a case of losing valuable players to other teams and acquiring second-tier free agents to replace them.

Hence the decline of the franchise.

The 1998 drafting of Ryan Leaf was a move dictated by the wish of Alex Spanos to have a franchise player at quarterback to market. It was the first really large bonus investment the team was willing to make in several years.

I doubt whether Beathard left to his own devices would have given up all the compensation to move up 2 spots to get Leaf.

Beathard rarely trades up. He also has rarely if ever taken a qb with a top draft choice be it in the first or second round of the draft.

I don't think the Chargers situation really turned until the 1-15 finish last season when the team was a laughingstock.

Then Spanos realized to get another GM with stature he was going to have to agree to spend some money, which the team has finally started to do once Butler came aboard.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that Beathard, Ron Wolf and Polian as GMs are guys that have built squads into Super Bowl teams.

As GM, compare that, whatever mistakes they have made, with Marty Schottenheimer's record.

Marty has been a GM for ONE year. He has never taken a team to the Super Bowl as head coach. He made a major personnel gaffe at quarterback which ultimately meant going with a player in Banks that had been waived by a 5-11 team 3 weeks before the start of the regular season.

For Snyder to want some organizational checks and balances, even a year too late in retrospect, to me seems reasonable based on that record.

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