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(2) 2005 season tickets up for grabs


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I have not ordered them yet, but am about to. My # came up on the wait list, but I already have tickets for this year.

I'm going to order the endzone tickets at $490 per seat. It includes 10 games, and of course you have the playoff option since I have my own seats. Huge!

Let me know via PM or this thread if you are interested. I really just want a nice 'Skins fan to take the tickets for the year so I can have them in my name.

Oh and one other requirement: You have to make it to as many DTC tailgates as possible.


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I just talked to the Skins, and as soon as I get a hold of a Mastercard or American Express (I have a Visa) I will have 2 seats in row 26 of section 441. I chose section 441 because I have sat there before and you have a great view of the action unfolding from a good angle. It's also on the side of the stadium where the DTC tailgates. :)

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