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An Open Letter to the Redskins Organization


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Dear Redskins Executives:

I am sure you would concur that we Redskin fans are among the most devoted and passionate fans of any Sports franchise in the world. Our fanbase is ever expanding, and we have one of the richest legacies in football, with an enormous and fulfilling heritage steeped in burgundy and gold tradition. For all our love of all things Redskin, there remains one great void still lingering in our football-entrenched lives. It is a hunger that grows and gnaws at our gut each year, as it becomes more and more alarmingly evident that certain sportswriters seem intent on derailing the enshrinement of any players from the Redskin glory years of 1982 to 1991 in a certain building in Canton. What we so desire is... a Redskins Hall of Fame.

Green Bay, which for all its incredible history is still a fraction of the Redskins market, has such an institution for its team. While I do not claim to be a marketing specialist by any means, I am quite confident that such a venture would more than pay for itself, and likely become quite profitable; and while I don't pretend to understand all the intracacies of league revenue sharing (particularly since it appears to be in the process of being renegotiated), I'd guess that admission to such a facility, as well as a significant majority of the proceeds from merchandise and concessions, would be retained by the franchise rather than sucked off into the league's coffers. In addition, inductees could hold autograph signings at the Redskins Hall of Fame to raise money for themselves or for charities.

More importantly (well, at least in our minds), this would provide a place for Skins aficionados to venerate our heroes, and to learn more about the people and history that have made our team so great. It will provide an outlet for the many people such as myself who are boycotting the NFL Hall of Fame until deserving Redskins candidates like Art Monk are finally afforded the proper respect. Furthermore, there are new generations of young Redskins fans for whom the George Allen era seems as distant as the Sammy Baugh era is for me. What better way for all of us to connect the dots between the different epochs of our glorious past. Furthermore, it seems to me that a template for the selection process has already been created when the 70 greatest Redskins were chosen for the team's anniversary.

Please take some time and consider this proposal. I am certain you will find the fan response to such a development to be truly overwhelming. Noone loves their team more than we do. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Bryan J.

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Great idea!!! The "kinda" have a HOF shrine at the Hall of Fame store at FedEx field (the main store on the 1st level). Its a small wall with pictures of older players. I don't know if there is 70 of them to represent our 70th anniversary. But its a small start.


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That's an OK letter, but you should see my closed letter to the Redskins. It's a gripping tale of suspense and intrigue. Unfortunately, I cannot share it here.. being as it is a closed letter and all.... Ok, here is a snippet for you all.

Dear Washington Redskins:



Chuck B.

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Originally posted by trimee

Great idea...but I was just wondering exactly which Redskins 'organisation' you were talking about? I only know of a Redskins organization! :logo:

I noticed the spelling error too, but I just figured the guy wasn't PERFECT and I did not want to look like a Mr. Know-it-all because I picked up on the mistake.

Anyway, my open letter to the Skins would be a recommendation that they reward their loyal fans, by not making everything the most expensive in the league.

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