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ps1 emulators/roms

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hmm, its kinda hard to find roms online, then again, I havent looked. Either way, 2 years ago I started using ePSXe or something. I used ISObuster for ripping roms from playstation games (any normal cd reader works). I use winrar for something, not sure what, though now thats what opens all my zip files so I dont mind. It takes a little tinkering to set up ePSXe right, but it works well, depending on the speed of your computer/video card.

I remember Bleem was sold as a legal emulator for a while, then was found illegal, go figure. Again, for roms, I am not sure, I just use my computer for any playstation games, but I rip them onto my computer through games I own.

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i used to use psemu or psexecuter. i think the downloads don't come with the ps1 bios for proprietory reasons. so you have to search for it. also some games run really slow, but at the time i had a 1.5ghz computer with 1/2 gig ram. so if you have something more modern you may not have to worry about those problems.

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