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Chris Samuels signing today in Frederick, MD


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Originally posted by Baculus

...From 12pm, to 2pm, at the Sprint Store. The address is Frederick Crossing, 7249, Guildford Dr., 301-228-2787.

I'm taking time to go and see #60. :-)

I love that "Steal Your Face" . . . it is awesome! That would be a cool tattoo!

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JG said at the press conference yesterday that Chris Samuels is hitting the weights hard... and that he's getting huge.

pretty scary considering I remember reading he never lifted weights till he got to the NFL...

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Hey guys, I just came back from the store a bit ago. Yes, Chris looks very thick and bigger then he has before. Surprisingly, there wasn't a ton of people there, so I was able to just walk up to the table where Chris was sitting. I talked with him for a moment, just wishing him good luck in the season and hoping he gets back to the pro-bowl (which he said, "Oh, I will!"), and I received a signed photo. He was also cool enough to sign a Redskin christmas decoration that I have, as well as this Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy t-shirt that I got from a DC-101 table that was in front of the store. It was pretty damn cool.

I met my mother at the store, too, just to say hi to her, and while I was talking to a friend on my phone, I look back and she's talking with Chris! I said to my friend, "My mother's talking to Chris Samuels!" She received a signed photo, with her name on it, and she was pretty happy. (She doesn't watch much football, but my father was a big fan as well.) I thought that was pretty funny.

Oh, about the 'Skins Steal Your Face, yes, it would make a nice tattoo. :-)

All in all, it was pretty cool. I just reget I didn't bring my #60 jersey with me to get signed, but it's my game day jersey and I figured it would get washed out anyways.

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