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  1. That’s an opinion. Thanks for sharing. It’s already been included on potential changes and widely reported in many articles as a possibility.
  2. Football Club/Team is basically their nickname in that case. It’s trending in the direction that makes the most sense. Rather than risk knee jerk reactions with any nickname with Red in it.
  3. This sounds childish. You don’t like someone disagreeing with you. That’s not trolling. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear.
  4. It’s conjecture and you clearly have a bias against Dan Snyder. If you’re going to rail against my profile picture, also do so for the user who has Trump behind bars in his. It’s only fair and inclusive to do so.
  5. The investigation doesn’t hold much credibility as it was a ploy to get Snyder out of the ownership. I’m glad he’s not folding like he did with the non-issue with the team name.
  6. Loved this design when I saw it on Twitter. Wish they had just went with Club from the start. I also liked a Redwolves design with the yellow helmet with the R on it.
  7. It’s not horrible but would prefer changing it to Washington Football Club and perhaps I’ve a shield type logo on one side and the number on the other side.
  8. Perhaps you’re looking at your own reflection.
  9. Yep. Been following some of his off-season weight training on Instagram. He’s taking it seriously.
  10. Washington Redwolves Football Team.
  11. I call them Redskins. I say Washington Football Team when I know I’m around people easily offended by everything. It’s like newspeak.
  12. Honestly that would be a great name considering it has an association to the Nation’s Capital. Why can’t we?
  13. It’s an opinion like all of us have. I’m just not scared of the color red.
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