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  1. I keep hearing this, and I keep asking people to give me specifics, but nobody ever does. Which law or laws has he broken? He expanded executive power due to the Dems sitting on their hands with regard to the border, in other words, he had no choice. Securing the border should be at the top of every single U.S. citizen in this country. Our elected Dems. turn a blind eye to it for political reasons, all the while hurting, and in some cases killing, our own citizens. Is this right? If evidence is found that links Iran to the attacks on the ships then we can't stand by and just let it go away, although after the previous 8 years that's what they'd expect as a response. Some nice surgical strikes into the capitol would be fitting and appropriate.
  2. I actually liked Obama. News flash, not all conservatives hated him. The only thing about his presidency I didn't like was the way he handled Iran and then with his launch of the abysmal ACA, that still haunts some of us today. All politicians make up lies every single election year, actually most do it all the time, so that isn't really relevant either. What's so bad right now in your world that has anything to do with what Trump has done since Jan 2017? My bank account is swole and my IRA's have more than doubled, that's a really nice thing. I got a bigger tax break last year due to the new tax law, that's a good thing. If the Dems would start working with him maybe health care could finally be addressed, but no, the only thing most of our elected Dems want is to impeach or imprison. It's one thing during an election for these elected officials to run their mouths, but now that Trump is President its time to put away the butthurt feeling they have with Hillary losing and get to work. They should all be ashamed of themselves.
  3. 1,813 pages of folks bashing YOUR president. Sad, really, really sad. Look at the state of the country right now. What is so unappealing about the economy, our relations with other countries, and our security that has you so worried? Is it just Trump himself, I mean, I know what the answer to this is. I just find it strange for a website to have a forum where the topic is "Let's bash POTUS" and if someone who offers opposing views comes in then the pack mentality sets in. If the person expressing opposing views tries to defend themselves you'll typically see mods telling them to tone it back. I've been involved in this site for awhile and early on I did come in here to bait, a mod intervened and I was told to not post for awhile. A week or so passed and he gave me the ok to proceed. I was told at one point the folks that participate in this thread "would tolerate me as long as there was a chance they could change my mind". It shouldn't be that way. I don't want to hear that there's a pro-conservative or pro-Trump thread on here and to go post there. That doesn't address any issue at all. A theme I see here is that if someone expresses an opposing view, most of you will quickly say "typical response obtained from a web search". Most everyone here pulls data/links obtained from the web, so what's the issue? If it comes from somebody who has an opposing view then all of a sudden it isn't relevant?? There seems to be a bit of a biased way of running this particular thread.
  4. I'll have to check. I worked at US Embassies for 12 years and honestly the only flag I ever saw flying was the US flag. This is interesting from the New York Times: The department has quietly eliminated the position of special envoy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights as a high-profile, stand-alone job. And it is creating a Commission on Unalienable Rights, which gay-rights groups fear is intended to narrow the scope of American advocacy. The panel aims to “provide fresh thinking about human rights discourse where such discourse has departed from our nation’s founding principles of natural law and natural rights,” according to a notice posted on the Federal Register, a government journal, on May 30.
  5. POTUS made the right call. The only flag that should be flying at US Embassies is the American flag, period. In the end though, nobody really cares about it. People just like to be pissed at something and then sound off on social media. Apparently its the cool thing to do now a days. Yes, I realize I'm doing the same thing but I'm responding to a comment on a forum, so...
  6. I keep asking folks on Twitter that call for impeachment on what grounds would they do this. So far I've not gotten anything of substance as a reply. There's a reason for that as he's done nothing to warrant it, absolutely nothing. It would go down faster than the Green New Deal did.
  7. Force1958

    Random Thought Thread

    Pollen is NOT my friend!!! Last weekend during the high winds I went outside and it looked like a pollen storm with yellow dust swirling everywhere. I had trouble breathing for 2 days after that.
  8. Force1958

    Random Thought Thread

    No day is a good day to be on 95 North or South!!!!
  9. Force1958

    Random Thought Thread

    Actually I did, I couldn't stand seeing that pot roast there staring me in the face. I agree with you about the double standard. It's getting worse as the years go by. Don't tell anybody, hahahaha!
  10. Force1958

    Random Thought Thread

    It's Friday and I can't eat meat, what am I to do??!! I checked the fridge and all I have is cheese and left over pot roast. I might drive to McD and get a filet o fish...
  11. I just watched where I left off last night. Damn, what a mess, so sad... I just go to see where I left off. I'm speechless now...what an ending...
  12. Crap, I'll have to find it again and record the ending. Thanks for the info.
  13. For me I'd say it's not better, it's different without him. Ever since Carl died he's acted like a sullen and introverted child. I guess that's to be expected with losing a child, but damn, it wasn't good for the show. The way they had him leave was weird as we assume he's somewhere else with the junkyard lady. It's good that there's new enemies to deal with, but the game isn't the same without Rick leading the charge.
  14. Ok, so I watched last night's episode and it was strange to say the least. No real action until 40 mins in. The problem for me was my dumb DVR stopped recording as Alpha leads Daryl off to somewhere, cut off right as Daryl looks at Carol. Was there anything else after that??? It also didn't record Talking Dead for some reason.
  15. I'm not the only one being banned. I found out the last one (Dec 2017) was due to re-tweeting POTUS's tweets, and yes, they did think I was a bot. The Twitter CEO admits they lean left with their views, and I'd imagine their engine for determining appropriate or not. They also claim they don't censor, but I'm not buying that. I've not been nasty or threatening or even toxic in any of my replies. I've reached out to many political figures (Maxine, Nancy, our Va state reps, etc) and have gotten replies from some. I'll ask questions about their job, Maxine in particular, and ask how it can be productive to criticize POTUS every single waking moment and to please tell me how that's helping her constituents. That's just one example. She may have seen that line of questioning as being "threatening" but who knows. People can read anything they want into the typed message. I'm back on Twitter now and simply using it as a news source and not commenting to anybody. Over the last few years political correctness has gone a bit overboard.