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  1. I feel if he keeps his weight down he will be fine in a 4-3. He's not very strong for the 3-4 and he has that initial quickness to do fine in the 4-3.
  2. I mean if he doesn't have covid then he should play. I know he is young but he needs reps just like every other young player do. It is not like he's arrived. Even if it is a shorten season and he's getting minimum reps he needs it I believe.
  3. The guy is terrible for what Snyder have him in position for. Click Here If You Want Bruce Allen Removed!!!
  4. Already one started. Click -> Fire Bruce Allen Petition Link
  5. I could support an organization financially that has a solid plan, know the direction their headed strategically and hold players and the front office accountable. We could go 0-16 and I wouldn't mind keep going to the games. But I refuse to put any of my hard earned money towards an org that has an imcompetent coach in Jay Gruden that has had 5 full seasons under his belt and an front office person in Bruce Allen that is in year 10 that have absolutely done nothing but ruin the franchise! Both should have been out of the door years ago. If you continue to be a fan...great. I
  6. Probably alot of truth to your post. I think most teams will run on 1st down...especially if they had Adrian Peterson. What I've noticed is our inability to RUN the ball consecutively which makes our play selection pretty predictable. Seems like 95% of the time lately they will run the ball once and the next play always is a pass. What I've also noticed also is during Jay's tenure whenever our quarterbacks, whoemver they may be pass over 36 times they lose 9 out of 10 times. When it is 35 or less they win 9 out of 10 times. So obviously the formula is to stick with the ru
  7. I called for them to offer him an extension during the season. I think he is a good player. Not a #1 guy you look for but should have been Kerrigan's replacement. We gotta keep in mind he played RDE against the best LT. With the Packers he rotates from side to side more. Not to mention he's really a 4-3 guy instead of 3-4 player. If his hand was in the dirt and he had no other responsibility to pass rush I felt that he could be a 10 sack guy.
  8. Colt McCoy wouldn't even be an option I think we can't afford to pay a qb over 10mil per year, so with that said Ryan Fitzpatrick would be my backup and I'll draft a qb and start him. Trevor Siemien/Josh McCown would be my 2nd option. All 3 are better than Colt and Josh Johnson.
  9. The Vikings are 3rd in pass attempts per game. It makes sense that he has had the most pressures. They would be better off being more balanced, with the poor oline.
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