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  1. Yes I can, you can only take so much frustration and heart ache before self preservation kicks in. I still follow them, but I don’t try to watch every game or buy new gear. My Redskins are superceeded in badness only by the Cincinnati Bungals for the worst team in the NFL.
  2. Daniel Snyder is a money grubbing flunky with no real business sense. It’s amazing how he has had to rIse the price on everything to cover his mental ineptness and bad decisions. What I wanted for Christmas was for Daniel Snyder to sell our team so my Redskins can start winning again. Which they will never do as long as DAN and his girl friend Spruce Allen are running our team into the trash can. Been a skins fan since age 12 in 1972. I’ve stopped watching the Redskins 8 years ago because the product is so bad. As long Synder is the owner,
  3. Until Daniel Synder wakes up from the dark sith Spruce Alghin the GM (gross manure) who uses the dark force to impose ideas into Synder’s obvious weak mind so he can run Synder as a marionette puppet master as he imposes his own control over him and our franchise, every person who calls in on any Redskins radio program or any sports program discussing the Redskins, should state the demand to fire Spruce Alighin (I refuse to give him the dignity of using his birth name) because of the looser culture he has fostered since his hire. The noise of out cry needs to drowned out all other
  4. Spruce Alglin (who refused to say Kirk Cousins name properly), this fake GM, is a real team architect right that had produced this mess on the field, look at what his leadership has gotten us, a real price of stupid work. Spruce is the real reason for the failures of the Redskins ever since he came here. A man that played on the sentimentality of a clubs love of his father to get a job he did not deserve, to ride on the coattail of his father name, what a joke of a person and crazy screwed up GM!! How can Daniel Snyder really be a good business man when he keeps this clown as a
  5. The truth is the Spruce Algulin is the one that should be fired, He is only using his fathers good name like a Jedi to wave his hand in Snyder’s face saying I’m a good GM and Jay Gruden, the man I hired is not the head coach you are looking for. Please never call the GM by his birth name, he deserves no respect. Call him Spruce Algulin, Spruce Algulin, Spruce Algulin!! Its hard to believe Snyder was ever a real Redskin fan when he keeps this joke of a man at his side. With Spruce Algulin, the acronym GM means Gross Manure!!! The
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