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  1. It comes down to one thing and one thing only regards Lance, that’s whether or not Riverboat loves him or not? If so, they’ve gotta move up to get him, just absolutely have to Anything below love, leave it alone unless it gets close to us at 19
  2. Based on absolutely no in depth knowledge and watching Just Bombs Highlight Videos on YouTube I’m ALL IN on Jeremiah Owusu - Koramoah I like the cut of his jib My wildcard is Trevon Moehrig he’s tidy too
  3. Kyle Allen draft night seeing Washington blow their load to go get Trey Lance
  4. Jenkins isn’t Wirfs, and if he’s there at #19 isn’t it increasingly likely that he’d be there in the event of a trade back? Iv not said “don’t take him, he’s the fourth best tackle in the draft” Iv just said I’d rather trade back if that’s our best option and accumulate some more picks
  5. If our best option at #19, is to take the fourth best Left Tackle in the draft then I’d be getting pretty desperate to trade back at that stage
  6. Yep, good draft to have a fair few day two picks, my favourite move at 19 is trade back right now
  7. What’s the verdict on here regards trading back from #19? Will there be much interest in getting to our position? What could we be looking at getting a second rounder perhaps? Barring a dropping of an absolute stud to our position I like the idea of moving back to later in the first round and letting Ron and co do their thing in rounds 2, 3, 4
  8. Not sure there is a “fascination” with it, Keim mentioned it may be something they look at doing but ultimately that’ll be down to Rivera and co who will see him in practice every day They're not daft they’ll know that a change of weight will bring with it a certain dip in speed, but it will also mean he can block more effectively and he seems to have good hands
  9. Wonder if we draft another WR and bring in Humphries, they don’t ask Harmon to convert to TE, especially if they can’t get good value on one in the draft Keim mentioned this not long back and it kinda makes sense
  10. I’m good with the move a vet presence in what is quite a young WR room, but I’d still hope they draft an outside guy this year too #1 McLaurin #2 Samuel #3 Humphries #4 Sims / Draft Pick #5 Sims / Draft Pick #6 AGG / Wright etc
  11. Got some previous with Fitzpatrick, went for over 800 yards with Fitz in 2018 Tampa Not a whole lot of production since, seems like he’s had injuries
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