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  1. Appreciate the context, whenever Iv looked over at Detroit I always wonder how they’re so bad, you see Stafford getting rave reviews he seems to always have a solid set of weapons to pass to and yet never troubles the playoffs I’d still pass but I at least now understand what was at play in Detroit the past decade
  2. Going against the general consensus, I’d pass on Stafford at this time. Would love a QB that can rush the ball consistently and affectively it would really maximise our playbook. He’s undoubtably a top quality player, but I’d rather be a bit more patient and get the right fit for us. Plus I’d really resent giving away any first round picks for a player of that age.
  3. Saw Kiper and co had Lance to us at 19 in their first draft, if that happens I suddenly become very open to a year of Cam, he’d be the perfect guy to shadow fresh into the league with Lance’s skillset Outside of that scenario, I have 0 interest in Cam
  4. Bruce Arians clearly taken it to heart that Washington didn’t just roll over for the Bucs last week. You’d think this clown would just be happy that the GOAT is dragging his fat ass to a Super Bowl wouldn’t you?
  5. Lot’s of patter around Matt Stafford, great player but doesn’t strike me as much of a rushing QB We've literally just seen how affective a QB with movement can be in this offence why on earth wouldn’t we want to roll with something like that in our QB of the future?!
  6. I wasn’t all in on Heinicke being seriously considered as QB1 moving forward, but I am all in on having Heinicke as QB2 and moving on from Kyle Allen
  7. Miami picking at #3 is fascinating they are vital to the QB carousel this off season, rumours of them trading Tua to SF are all well and good but SF have got to do something with Jimmy and if they don’t that changes the complexion Come draft night if Tua is still there and Miami pick a QB at #3 I’m making the call to see if they’ll take a first or a second May not even get to that but a scenario to be mindful of for sure
  8. I’d certainly be making a call and sounding out what they want
  9. This is ridiculous, they waited so long to get him and they consider dropping him after first season! I genuinely think he’ll come good and depending on cost would not be adverse to having him with us
  10. There really should be conversations going on right now with Smiths camp regards getting him into a non playing role in the organisation, start tempting him into retirement by offering a path out of playing
  11. He’s a STUD, Gibson, McKissic and Najee would be wild A QB solution, a couple of FA WR’s and this offence will be cooking
  12. Nice one, would you consider him if he’s there at 19? I think he’s going to divide opinion
  13. Shows how much research Iv done Surely he’s there at 19?! He hasn’t played all season, not sure I’d want him at that spot though would rather MLB or WR
  14. Cheers fella, some serious cheddar! A lot of this will depend on Smiths next move Should Trey Lance drop to the 2nd / 3rd I kinda like the idea of picking him up and using him in certain packages ala Taysom Hill Could be pretty fun to watch, the guy looks like a bulldozing running back
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