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  1. Does anybody really see a light at the end of this tunnel? I'm not sure if I do. ..
  2. Let's see what Kyle Allen will do with the tutelage of Alex Smith
  3. Why haven't we signed Eric Reid? Apke is garbage.
  4. Looks like NBC Sports Washington are showing game replays on Tuesdays. It's on right now.
  5. 8 sacks 3 takeaways Those numbers alone can keep us in most games.
  6. Remember... we basically have a new team trying to get used to a new scheme that's playing with no preseason. This may take awhile.
  7. Offense needs to stay on the field and give the defense some rest.
  8. Makes a clearer path for a Love, Gibson combo
  9. And now they might be under investigation for possible Rooney Rule violations for the last 2 hires. Just saw it on ESPN
  10. The Washington football team will simply compete as the Washington Football Team for the 2020 season... From NBCSports
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