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  1. Agreed, Just get away from the Native American theme and it becomes a non issue.
  2. Here are some names I came up with. They have nothing to do with the history, they're just names for a total reboot. Washington Wolfpack Washington Rampage Washington Flames Washington Wolverines Washington Fury Washington Blaze Washington Wildcats Washington Arsenal
  3. Is the rumor true that Dan already bought the Washington Warriors name like 10 years ago just in case the pressure became too great?
  4. Bruce would've extended his contract and we would've been stuck with this mess.
  5. So it looks like the plan is to add depth this year. Maybe next year comes the big signings.
  6. Watching season 4 of All or Nothing (Carolina Panthers) and I'm all in on RR!
  7. Should there be a thread dedicated to all the coach and back office changes?