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  1. Brown43

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    dont forget the inevitable "we will have to ck the tape" or something to that effect what he said!
  2. I don’t ever want to hear the names Kouandjio and Lauvao again and, as far as Long goes, he was passable at center but awful at guard. No thanks to any of the 3. Cooper performed better at left guard than anyone has in years. Sign him!
  3. Brown43

    What do YOU want to happen?

    I would love to see a member, or a group of ES members put together a well thought out, meaningful, down and dirty survey to display the feelings and perceptions of the fans as related to the Redskins organization(not the players). I’m not talking about those little 3 or 4 question surveys that provide little or no informational value. I am talking about a survey that would be similar to an organizational employee survey. One that can be distributed outside the ES walls so as to achieve a significant sound sample. It’s about time the fans had a real way to voice their opinions culminating is a document showing any interested party the real feeling of the fans, not the **** that’s fed to ownership. I think ES is a great venue because of the cumulative expertise in all of the areas required to pull it off, not to mention the connections with other local media sources that would be helpful. Anyway, just a thought.