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  1. I saw this is the end and it was absolutely hilarious Funny story about cody horn. ... saw her on tv, mentioned to my sister that chick is pretty hot.... well come to find out her mom and my mom are cousins and grew up together lol... asked my mom about it and the story checked out, needless to say I felt awkward stating my cousin was hot lol
  2. theshow84

    ES Soccer Thread

    It was a great win, but you're kidding yourself if you think this was the #2 ranked team in the weird they beat lol
  3. theshow84

    ES Soccer Thread

    Can't wait for people to say they turned the corner and are a contender for the cup, after beating germanys reserves, only a few days removed from being throttled by belgium.... great performance so far, but this happens once a year (us beats a highly ranked team) but lets be real here, there may he 1 starter on germany who makes the squad next year
  4. theshow84

    ES Soccer Thread

    I'm saying 4-1 Belgium, too much class for an inferior United states team
  5. theshow84

    ES Soccer Thread

    valdes is merely a name, he is without question one of the top 3 most overrated players in the world