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  1. I don't think there is a better free kick taker in the premier league than yohan cabaye.... he easily converted one from inches outside the box, which is probably the most difficult to finish
  2. Yepp.... good teams overcome shoddy officiating. ... this is not a very good team
  3. Not good enough by the u-20s.... they'll fit right in with the senior side
  4. why dont they focus on fielding a better product instead of new kits every year..... guess they can look good while playing like crap
  5. hopefully gsp breaks both of diaz orbital bones, and his jaw while hes at it
  6. Rafael had a good hit yesterday.... then pappis cisse has a absolutely brilliant strike.... possible g.o.y.... not as good as the goal of the year he had last season though
  7. should have stayed put!!! got greedy son
  8. The worst "superstar" in wrestling history wins again. ..... shocker. .... that's why wrestling is going to the crapper is that pos cena
  9. i pay extra for fsc+.... dont pay a dime more for fsc, and i have fios
  10. verizon, comcast, directv and dishnet all have fsc..... and it looks good in hd as well.... dont know anyone with bein orwhatever the crap that is, but that whole "nearly no one has fsc" crap is just that, crap
  11. oh i agree he was a tremendous fighter... but seeing headlines including the words like tragedy. shame, etc.. he had no one to blame but himself
  12. at first i was pretty sad about the situation, but reading about him and his coke problems, i really have no remorse.... sympathy to his family, but he was not the man he appeared to be
  13. my typical dc overreation?? right. exactly how is it an overreation? because i pointed how they didnt show up for a big game? who cares where and who its against, they wqere the #2 seed and just went to new york and, against the league and nyrb, they hit them right in the mouth and came away, all the momentum in the world, and then layed an egg the second half of the game... dont tell me im overreacting, im about as level headed as it comes, just check my post history, especiallyin the leonard hankerson subject.. overractiong would be to cut him, im saying have patience with him... but back on subject, they very well could buck the trend and show up and drop 3 or 4 against houston, but im not holding my breath or getting my hopes up