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  1. The more I look at Niles paul, more he seems too small to be a legit #1 TE
  2. You could tell Rashad was broken by the end of round 3. Rashad actually isn't much of a haymaker and hope type fighter. The clinch is where he excells at and I thought he could really work something against bones on the cage. Even those knees that Jones threw were not his best. We'll get the "virtuoso" jones back for the hendo fight.
  3. They were decent elbows, but nothing that would have knocked him cold. I think one of those elbows caused that welt on his temple. Only real damage of the match from what I saw. Silva vs Jones after he handles Hendo.
  4. The fight never got close to finishing. Jones never landed anything that seriously hurt Rashad. Rashad played defensive for 5 rounds even when he knew he was losing. Post fight interview with Rashad showed that he barely took any damage. I can go to any elementary school and find a better pattycake match. That's all that was going on. Both fighters said they could have done so much more but were scared of messing up. When two fighters fight scared, you get Jones Vs Evans I. I don't even know what Jones was afraid of.
  5. Implying JDS is what he has to worry about in that division ---------- Post added April-22nd-2012 at 01:00 AM ---------- Maybe Roided hendo in his prime could make a case for this match being close. Now, looks like Rashad Evans .5 with age.
  6. He will never move up, He is nowhere near the size of the big boys of the division. It's hard for a fighter to go from most physically gifted to one of the smaller guys in the division. Unless he goes on the testosterone(horse meat) diet that Alistair claims, he will stay at that division. ---------- Post added April-22nd-2012 at 12:51 AM ---------- Oh Great another mismatch so we can listen to Joe Rogan hype him up more.
  7. This is why Greg Jackson is the best coach in the UFC, yet the most hated. He is killing the sport's entertainment value by preaching very safe/point emphasis fighting. What a snoozer. Evans barely looked like he was even in a fight, yet he lost to the champ. This was worse than GSP fighting. Whoever paid for that card surely has to be disappointed. It's a farce of a match considering the hype, history of the division, and "personal vendetta" that we have been fed the past couple of weeks.
  8. According to multiple sources there is suspected to be widespread use of certain dangerous stimulants being used by professional football players. Notably Clenbuteral/Albuterol(sp) and effedrine would hate for that to be the cause. On a brighter note, I'm a big Juventus Fan and It's good see the Old Lady back to glory.
  9. How a fight should be scored. ---------- Post added February-5th-2012 at 10:34 AM ---------- How a fight shouldn't be scored. Just weak hitting your opponment more times does not mean a win in anywhere other than the UFC. If they want to play like this is the closest thing to reality, they need to start judging fights as who did the most damage. Not the number of weak punches thrown. Diaz is a culprit of this too, when he starts throwing flurries and they are all 50%. However, clearly diaz had the advantage that match and I would expect him to win if there another 5 rounds. Condit won bec
  10. Gilbert at his prime could put up 60 points. We weren't far from a championship. Those days are gone with the new CBA unfortunately.
  11. Overeem's striking is leaps and bounds better than it was back when he was 205. I'm not saying JDS is going to stand there like Brock and get picked apart while overeem throws caution to the wind, but as far as striking goes it is still Overeems advantage.
  12. Speed comes with Technique, technique advantage is with Overeem. I don't expect him to be 265 for his fight with JDS.
  13. JDS actually has a pretty solid submission game, but Overeem is too big.
  14. Do you understand that the fact that he beat Hari once and fought him close the second times puts him leaps and bounds over anyone MMA has to offer? He was just as fast as Hari in both fights. This time he doesn't have to carry as much weight since he isn't going against a world class wrestler. Please this isn't even a debate.
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