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  1. The Bullets were the Washington Bullets before the name change to Wizards which has as much meaning or relationship to basketball as a corn cob. The name change came about because some faints of heart were offended by a name having anything to do with guns. The joke was that the real offensive name was "Washington" and that was what needed to be changed. I fail to see how my reference to Washington as the "so called" nation's capital is political. The baseball team I said has acclimated itself to being in Washington as did the old Senators after winning their sole World Series in 192
  2. You ain't seen nuthin yet. I am now convinced that any, not only The, Washington football team is doomed to failure. Nation's so called capital should not have any professional sports franchises. Basketball has been shot since the name Bullets was scrapped, baseball has now been finally acclimated to being a Washington baseball team after moving from Canada, and hockey is on its way down and doesn't count anyway.
  3. Nothing more painful sometimes than reality. WFT is great. Put 15-1 on the board and get ready for the playoffs with home field throughout. But don't call any time outs because someone might get hurt.
  4. No question Haskins's leash should be getting shorter. But, guess what? There is a person named Snyder that will make that call, not the coach on the field. Kyle Allen should have started games 1 and 2 and should start against the Browna IF the WFT was actually trying to win games. For no excusable reason its obvious that the WFT considers this to me a honeymoon season with no expectations as evidenced by Rivera's leaving 3 time outs on the board because he didn't want anyone to get hurt. Never heard of any coach doing or saying anything like that at any level. Browns 30 WFT 10.
  5. Good luck. "Control the pace of the game"? In other words, the obvious formula of running the ball, long drives, first downs, keeping the ball away from the opposition and, of course, no turnovers. Easy to say, but for some reason very difficult to accomplish. If that is the hope for victory, chalk up the loss.
  6. Browns will roll against WFT. Intangibles all in their favor and so are the tangibles. Other than that, no problem. Eagles have been the worst team in the league so far and they were walking wounded playing on fumes in the second half against WFT. That victory means nothing.
  7. Eagles offensive line was totally decimated and included a rugby player in most of the second half. Not saying that this had anything to do with the award of course. The muscle flex is still obnoxious. Act like you've been there before Ryan.
  8. At least they will be playing a NFL roster next Sunday. Eagles were basically a strike team. 1993 thread applicable. Started season beating the 'Boys, finished 4-12. Don't think they will make 4-12 this year.
  9. You could cherry pick shots from one of my rounds of golf and make me look like a scratch player. We'll see Sunday.
  10. Red (oops) WFT can't sustain a drive with Haskins and no running game. Eagles would have to self destruct but they won't. Eagles favored by about 6. 17-7 Eagles. No selfie for Haskins.
  11. Rivera has at least one honeymoon season if not more so now is the time to clean house. No one really expects the Washington Football Team to actually go out and try to win football games. The 2020 season is no more than full contact training camp for them. Let others worry about playoffs and championships. They do need to beat Carolina since they did that last year and then hired their coach so they don't want to regress from that.
  12. I think I finished my post with Snyder as the death knell that has lasted almost 2 decades. I mentioned Shuler and Turner to be consistent with the thread title. Maybe should have talked about Ferrote head butting the concrete barrier at the back of the end zone after running for a touchdown. I wonder if he qualified for one of the concussion payments. No question, the elephant in the room is Snyder but that was a few years later. The end of the Cook era wasn't great either and may have opened the door for Snyder to acquire the team.
  13. The Heath Shuler draft and Norv Turner being hired to mold Shuler into another Troy Aikman definitely set the tone for the whole era. Never forget Shuler saying that the NFL balls were too slippery compared with the ones in college. Then Snyder came along and we all know the rest of the story.
  14. If/when Alex Smith gets full contact on that leg and if/when he feels any cause for concern whatsoever and if/when he will probably shake it off and pretend it didn't happen the man deserves whatever happens after that. He is flat out nuts to even try this. It reminds me of daredevils in various activities who inevitably suffer serious injury or worse. Its all on Alex and whatever happens there should be no sympathy whatsoever. On top of that, like a radio talk show host said the other day, if Alex Smith becomes the starting QB for the Washington Football Team, they are in even more serious tr
  15. Can't call myself a fan any more. Only an interested follower. Typical is the mission statement of the new team president which included absolutely nothing about winning football games. Please Alex, don't play. Its not worth it.
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