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  1. Evidently the man almost died during the recovery process. He should thank his lucky stars that he is able to enjoy sports activities with his family, maybe a football related career, and lead a normal life. He would be nuts to go anywhere near a NFL football field as a player. So he probably will.
  2. They don't even play or practice in Washington so why not just call them The Football Team? Or America's Team? I would love to hear the on the field trash talk that this team will have to put up with this year. Coach fired, name fired, record identical or worse. Adrenaline is a big part of playing the sport of football and, if I were a player on this team, I would take the field with zero adrenaline in my system. Just pay me and get it over with.
  3. All of this over analysis is pointless. Real simple boys and girls. Snyder is not a leader in any way shape or form. He is a dweeb with a big ego who wants to show off his new toy (now not so new) which happens to be an NFL franchise. The result is exactly what you would expect..
  4. My dad always said that I was born 7 months after he got back from the Pacific in WWII. So he took no responsibility for me being a Washington NFL team fan.
  5. My father was in the stands at Griffith Stadium on Dec. 7, 1941 when the calls started coming out over the PA system for all military personnel to report to their duty locations. I was 8 in 1955 when we moved to FL and with my dad as an old fan and the games on TV even then, or shortly thereafter because the Redskins owned the South, it was natural to pull for them and I loved those Eddie Lebaron, Don Bossler, Chuck Drazenovich, Bob Toniff, Joe Rutgens, Vince Promuto, Dick James, Ed Sutton, Johnny Olzewski (I know I botched up spelling but I remember the names to this day along with many more). That is why this Snyder era has been so upsetting.
  6. "I realized long ago that I probably care more about this franchise than just about anyone....." Your passion for the franchise is appreciated. Problem is you seem to think that Ron Rivera, who lost to "this franchise" then called the Redskins in 2019, is a miracle solution. Until it is sold to an owner who has leadership abilities enough to run a pizza shop, never mind an NFL franchise, Ron Rivera could be the second coming and it wouldn't help. The simplest of solutions is usually the best. What could be simpler than a For Sale sign? (Just heard on sports talk radio that Snyder just put out a typical pr statement about only the latest in a long list of fiascos. And so it continues. 2020, if it happens will be a horror show. That will be the fun part I am afraid.)
  7. "....I’m 42 years old. I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember. Even in the lowest times being a fan of this team brings me some level of expression/passion/interest/enjoyment that is hard to explain. So let’s see what you got next Dan. If he ever accidentally gets it right, the rewards will be mine. " I am 73 years old and loved the late '50s Eddie LeBaron, Jim Podoley, Bob Tonniff (sp) Redskins and every version thereafter until Mr. Snyder took over. No way to make a glass half full or lemonade out of lemons out of this total joke of an organization. Mr. Snyder, sell this franchise.
  8. I can't believe that Red Wolves is the choice for so many. What in the world does Red Wolves have to do with anything? ( I know, Native American fighter pilots? And people are supposed to know that? Is that supposed to further appease those who have forced the name change? Get them out of it all together.) Wait, since the Snyder led Washington team has never had an identity, maybe the team name should be equally obscure. I am all for it. My "fandom" won't change a bit because I have been for whatever it takes for Snyder to be forced out for a very long time. Maybe this is one more nail.
  9. Best example (sorry if already posted) is the Washington NBA team after the name Bullets became too controversial. They became the Wizards but Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes, are still in their history. Rarely have teams just changed names without relocating. Leave it to DC to have 2.
  10. As a final nail in the coffin I think Washington, D.C. should be banned from having any professional sports teams period. The town no longer has any identity other than a home for rich politicians and related shenanigans and the relative few who can afford to support a team are mostly transients who wouldn't be able to name the starting lineup on a bet. The identity of DC as a blue collar town of public civil servants is long gone. So while doing away with Redskins, do away with Washington. They practice in VA and play in Maryland so call them the Bi State No Names. Warning acknowledged in advance.
  11. No way to read every post so apologize if already brought up but will anyone even be allowed to wear anything that says "Redskins" into FedEx or even away games for that matter? At least the on fake fans in the 2020 games will be easy to superimpose the new name on all of the stuff they wear.
  12. Fake crowds in the stands, teams compromised by all sorts of restrictions, plus all of the political and, yes, anti American undercurrents. I am now in favor of no organized sports of any kind until 2021 spring sports. The NBA format this year is a complete fiasco, MLB having all kinds of issues, NCAA talking about only regional games to curtail travel. Just forget it. Or just call the NFL TV games the Joe Buck Show because he will call every game as if it was the Super Bowl with a big dose of political commentary thrown in.
  13. I do think the ideal team nickname should have something to do with the identity of the town that the team represents. Pittsburgh Steelers is perfect even though Pitt is not exactly Steel Town anymore. Houston Oilers was great. Same Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes is one of the best. Get away from all of the red this and red that. So my suggestion is the Washington Controllers.