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  1. Executive summary of this whole thread so Rivera doesn't have to go through all of it. I hope the Washington Redskins field a better team in 2020 than they did in 2019. This will include having better players on offense, defense and special teams. Find the best players you can at all positions through draft, trade or free agent and sign as many as you can. End of summary. Good luck.
  2. Smurf3

    Was Keeping "Hail to the Redskins" worth it?

    One way or another, Dallas would have gotten a franchise and at least the old Texans now have the upper hand. I do wish that the expansion Cowboys hadn't picked Eddie LeBaron as their first QB. Also hated the "America's Team" nickname they got simply because there was still so much geography with no franchise and so called fans with no team jumped on the Cowboys' band wagon when they started winning. As far as any rivalry goes nothing will ever beat "We want Dallas" with the RFK stands bouncing up and down like a trampoline. Those days are long gone and now the Dallas game is just another game with a team in the same division so they have to play twice.
  3. Smurf3

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    This is a basis for serious discussion? If a team can run and stop the run they will probably win. If you win the trench war you will probably win. Any QB who has more than 3 seconds to find a receiver will probably find one. Left tackle is probably the most important position on the O line if you have a right handed QB. This was true in the 1960s. So now just change the terminology to "Edge Players". What has really changed? Nothing. Football is still football and goes in cycles just like all sports. The salary structure is the real problem so teams pay the so-called (always thought it was a joke) skill players multi 10s of millions and then have to skimp on the trench players who really win the games. By the way, Garapallo (sp) went over an hour and a half in real time without throwing a single pass yesterday. Dwell on that for a while.
  4. So he can't buy the team? Or he has to come back whether he wants to or not?
  5. Smurf3

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    Nothing like the off season when you don't have to play actual games. I suggest comparing with the 4 teams that are still playing before getting too optimistic about the 2020 season. The only way to revive this franchise is a new owner and a totally new identity from the top down. Change the pieces in the puzzle all you want. Its still the same puzzle.
  6. I wish AP would buy the 'Skins and be the only player/owner in pro sports history. Bringing him back is a "no brainer". Question is how much does he want to come back and for how much? The fact that he remains their most reliable option speaks for itself and the fact that he even plays for the "Skins is a result of desperation and typical poor draft choices and other player acquisition by you know who.
  7. I would be willing to bet that Rivera considers Haskins to be an insurance policy in that part of his "hiring" was probably an agreement to stick with Haskins for at least the 2020 season. So if that doesn't work out Rivera can say that he simply had to play the hand he was dealt. Then they can go QB hunting for 2021 and have another year of grace. Great deal for Rivera, bad deal for the Redskins and Redskins' fans. What else is new? Maybe they could trade Haskins for Sonny Jurgenson. Only way out that I can see. Same ol' same ol". Rivera gone in 2 years.
  8. What part of 2 friggin' decades don't y'all understand? The guy has an ego that supplants everything else and the Redskins are a toy over which he will never relinquish control. Kind of like a marriage that has failed for 20 years and the counselor says just give it 5 more years when there should have been a divorce after 5 years. So should Rivera be fired after his first season and a 4-12 record or his second when they are 5-11? Look...improvement? Dan, SELL THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS!
  9. Nothing new here. Now that we are in the best time of year called the "off season". Then they actually start playing games in September and reality sets in. Funny that all Rivera said in the scripted press conference could have been said in any new coach's conference for any team. A poster in this thread mentioned that this is not a take Snyder's money (won't mention the rest) hire. Funny no one in the conference asked Rivera what the "deal" is. I know one thing, if Rivera thinks Haskins is a young Cam Newton he is in for a surprise and that is just for starters.
  10. Smurf3

    Best Coaching hire in the Snyder era?

    I believe that, now that Snyder has had 2 decades to superimpose his image on this franchise, simply wearing the uniform now has a losing mindset associated with it. Rivera was good when Cam Newton was great. Cam Newton is a big RGIII, able to take the punishment of being a running QB much longer than RGIII was. Eventually Newton wore down and so did Rivera's record. That performance by Carolina against the 'Skins this year was pathetic and it amazes me that the solution to the 'Skins coaching dilemma is the coach that got fired almost immediately after that game. Maybe Snyder associates Rivera with the Redskins winning, who knows? I think Rivera is known as a players' coach and the players really like him. That is exactly what the Redskins don't need. I think they should have kept Callahan.
  11. Smurf3

    On The State of ES and This Fanbase

    To ConnSkins26: ......" where people can show off their football knowledge in a constructive way and truly care about getting into the weeds about 5th string Linebackers ...." and reference to deck chairs on the Titanic as opposed to the simple truth that the ship was poorly designed and just sank when the underlying structure failed. If you want to collect deck chairs more power to you. Kind of like worrying about the paint scheme in a home's family room when the foundation of the house is crumbling and water is seeping into the basement. I have noticed on the baseball board on which I post that it seems there are several would be GMs who try to run the team from the board and go into minutiae about suggested trades and free agent acquisitions. They go on and on into deep analysis as if they were actually on the team's payroll. My response is, Who cares about a 5th string linebacker unless they make a play to beat Dallas and who cares about deck chairs on the Titanic unless they were supposed to keep the ship in one piece? Not a criticism, I just think there should be separate boards for basic fans (by the way, I can name a good chunk of the 1961 starting lineup....ever heard of Don Bossler?) and would be GMs and coaches who are trying to run the team. That is all.
  12. Rivera will be fired after the Redskins lose to a very bad Carolina Panthers team when they had first and goal on the Carolina 1 yard line to score the winning touchdown and proceeded to lose 30 yards on the ensuing 4 plays.
  13. Won't make any difference unless Snyder gives the keys to Allen's replacement and stays completely out of the way of anything to do with football decisions. Only thing that caused this to happen is that old word "embarrassment" and people like Snyder can't tolerate being embarrassed.. Allen always was a useful idiot and his only value was deflecting blame. As more and more blame was being focused directly at Snyder, where it should be, Allen's value was diminished if not eliminated. Ironic that the Redskins' new coach was fired from Carolina probably because of losing to the Redskins. Now here come the promos for season ticket sales for the new look 'Skins. Don't fall for them.
  14. Smurf3

    Our defense is confused.

    Aaron Rodgers had enough time to tape an All State commercial and could find no one open so maybe that gave Manusky a false sense that the plan was ok. Whatever, please do something different against the Cowboys and don't play to try to keep the game close, play to win
  15. Smurf3

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: 2019 Nightmare Season Finale'

    This has probably been mentioned but haven't read all of every post. Dallas will be playing out of fear which is a great motivator but a lousy performance enhancer if they are afraid to lose. Key is Redskins getting out in front early and keeping enough heat on Dak to make him uncomfortable Those pre season highly touted Alabama front d'inemen need to live up to their reputation and clog up Zeke. If the 'Skins are fired up enough and want to win enough and care about their own fans enough and would enjoy bringing out the boo birds enough in Texas and listening to Jerry Jones's rants enough on the flight home and watching Jason Garrett's expression knowing its his last game enough and actually having a pleasant taste in their mouth's going into the off season enough and actually looking forward to 2020 training camp enough they can win this game. If they are just looking forward to hitting the golf course they will get blown out. No prediction. Its totally up to them.