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  1. It looks like Cosmi’s gotten a little bit bigger since last year. I haven’t caught much of the game yet but i’d be happy as hell if we somehow landed him in the second. 


    This is from 2017, but goes into some of the environment these kids have been born into and the super heavy hand their Dad has in their life. Dude was a two time former mr universe who chose his wife for her genetics for selective breeding. 




  2. I’m not sure who I like more between Tutu and Amon Ra. Tutu has better speed like you said, great cuts, and very good ball tracking ability. He doesn’t lose his spatial awareness after even three over the shoulder adjustments in this one case I saw that would leave most lost. He’d immediately replace Sims Jr at the slot, special teams, and any jet sweeps he’d see. He’s also a former qb which speaks well to his mind and processing ability, plus that speed gives him so much juice that you can see he runs with confidence and poise. 


    AR has that confidence as well when the ball is in his hands and he’s got some of my favorite release game in this draft class so far. He’s got Davante Adams route release potential and I could have sworn I saw him using D’s skip step release a couple times which was awesome. You don’t even need to have him highlighted when watching his tape because his stance is so consistent. He’s got swagger and for a smaller guy will stiff arm dudes and attack with the ball in his hands. To me he’s actually a guy who wants to be an outside receiver more than a slot guy. He kind of gets antsy in the middle of the field sometimes because he’s been blown the **** up there like in that game against Texas last year. 


    I guess AR is slightly more multidimensional, but Tutu is scarier. Then I wonder about AR’s crazy ass family and what effect that might have. 


    I was not impressed with Creed Humphrey from what I’ve seen so far and what you’re saying he’s doing right now makes that impression even worse. We already have that trait in Geron Christian to a degree and you can’t have too many of those in a position group because it’ll **** up the culture and chemistry. 

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  3. 10 hours ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

    Freirmuth and Tutu Atwell would open our offense up so much.  Especially if you can add some more horsepower up front.


    I agree, but do you think Tutu would be someone we look at? Im not sure he fits the versatility box Ron is looking for with his size/strength. I think they’ll be looking for bigger receivers who can be more multidimensional and contribute to blocking down field in the run game. Especially if AGG remains a question mark going into the draft. And even if we were looking for a jitterbug slot upgrade they might be more inclined to look at Amon Ra since he can also flex outside at times and he’s got an aggressive mentality with the ball in his hands. 

  4. Why is it that a lot of republicans feel like a person is cheating if they don’t have to suffer the same amount in life that they did for success or shelter or dignity or the basic ability to live and be happy?


    Why are they so miserly with wanting to help people and see it as something is being taken away from them? Yet, they are perfectly fine with those above them taking from them? 

  5. 11 hours ago, Burgundy Yoda said:

    Looks like I fell into the Trapke. 💩


    It's still early. Let's see if he can learn to process faster as the season goes on. It's not like he doesn't have the tools, he's just not making decisions fast enough.


    KPL had a great game that kind of validates what I've seen in him, but again it's still early. We still have yet to find out who these people are on a consistent basis within our scheme.

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  6. 58 minutes ago, Koala said:

    Its not keyboard jockey ****.  Thats loser talk.  Republicans are literally preparing for war.  Sending 17 year old kids out to shoot demonstrators, and then making him a hero means they are preparing for war.  But thats not even what I was really getting at, I was getting at level of seriousness/preparedness for whats coming.  Its serious.  Save me the moral high-ground B.S., lemme guess you're a twenty something political science major, pontificating on what the world should be like.  I recognize that.  I used to be that.  Grow up.


    Now, I expect everybody to be guided by some sort of internal ethical compass.  I actually have a pretty strong one,  God-willing, and its mostly drawn from my religion.  I dont care where you draw yours from, but I strongly suggest that it be based upon reality, experience, or the experiences of others.  The last thing it should be based on is some Aaron Sorkin-like fantasy, or whatever the Republicans are suggestings Democrats should be like.  


    Look, I'm not trying to be harsh but it is keyboard jockey talk, because you are not threading the needle right on something we can't afford to get wrong. And your response to Jumbo still shows you are getting it wrong. Most people do.


    I'm actually 37 and would have ended up being a govt. major and probably a damn good lawyer if I didn't go to federal prison back in 06. I've seen and lived with some of the most dark and violent people possible like an MS-13 shot-caller who shot this kid 7-8 times and cut his head off or this piece of **** dude in there for raping his 4 year old daughter or all the other killers and shooters I did time with like the Puerto Rican kid who shot the real 50 cent (not the rapper). I am very well experienced with darkness and violence and brutality, but I've also worked my ass off to know honor, integrity, and character.


    That work and that deep experience with both sides of light and dark, affords a person the chance to be someone who can go both darker and lighter than most. A person who can superimpose and stay connected to the qualities of both so one can be dark with light integrity and character, and light with a dark edge and resiliency for the cancerous people who can't protect trust and love.


    Darkness alone doesn't impress me and it shouldn't impress you either. it's weakness and boils down to, because the world hurt me, that justifies me to be a monster and be just as ****ty and weak as the people who came before me. **** that, we can be strong enough to be hurt, but still have the mind to hold onto principle and betterment, while containing or destroying cancerous people who refuse to change.


    @Jumbo I didn't see your previous back and forth with Koala before posting this. If the above is off-topic, I will delete and I apologize for starting off my initial post to him with words that were more inflammatory than they could have been.

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  7. 11 hours ago, PokerPacker said:

    Actually, now that I think about it, in a twist of fate, by Microsoft buying Zenimax, the original creators of Fallout now work for the same company that owns the Fallout IP, because Microsoft also bought inExile a year or two ago, which was trying to carry on the original formula by resurrecting Wasteland.  And they also own Obsidian.  So it seems Microsoft bought all of the Fallout people.


    I highly recommend Wasteland 3 for anyone who enjoyed OG Fallout and the weird sense of humor it has. It's like a hilarious fallout/x-com/rpg game that's consistently putting you in situations where you have to make hard choices that affect your gameplay in many different ways.


    I mean where else are you forced to choose between aligning with Cannibal Hippies, Communist Robots, or a Ronald Reagan death cult that calls themselves the "Gippers"?

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  8. 47 minutes ago, Koala said:

    Moral compass?  Have you been watching for the last.. I dunno.. 40 years? 


    Tired of watching the Democrats show up ready for a fight, while Republicans show up ready for war.  Aint no morals in war, kid. 


    By any means, necessary.  Hopefully, the more moral side will win.  But lets recognize the moral b.s. for what it is, when it comes to politics.


    Sorry, but this is loser talk and keyboard jockey **** regarding morals and war.

    You're basically saying we're too weak or incapable to thread the needle and fight back without retaining character and trust.


    We can be better than that and I get that it's hard to see that threading the needle process in many dems, because they have no edge, but some of the younger ones and the constituency do or are at least learning that they need to have one.


    There is difference between having no edge, having a healthy edge, and being a person with an edge but no character or integrity.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Long n Left said:

    Was watching a legal pundit on MSNBC last night (can’t recall his name) who floated the idea of increasing the SC dramatically. His argument was, that there are large judicial pools in circuits, 50-100, why should there not be in the largest court in the land?

    He said, why not 50 SC justices? Then decisions would be rendered by a randomly selected group of 3 judges, and it would cut down on suits brought before the court, because you’d have no idea which justices would be hearing the case. The case would stand on its merits.


    Agreed with most everything he said, though, I’d think a panel of 7 or 9 justices would be a better draw from the pool of 50, as only 3 would not slow as many suits brought forth, because the odds are better. 7 or 9 would even out those odds, and, IMO, is a more democratic way of justice in this land’s highest court than what we have now.


    I think you're talking about this one. I saw it too and thought it was interesting.



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  10. It’s obvious that Turner is still figuring out how to best utilize McLaurin and just overall getting a feel for how to properly attack the defense. He should have been having TMC running those quick slants earlier in the game and making use of his speed. He also should have called screens earlier in the game, especially when it was obvious they were pinning their ears back. Hated that our rb’s had only one catch the whole game IIRC. Also hated that they never had Haskins try to use the snap count on the defense to slow them down. 


    This team is still young and learning, but so is it’s OC. But, the defense should be able to help him out more with less mobile qb’s. Kyler is special, but he can go **** himself this week. 

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