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  1. I’m not sure who I like more between Tutu and Amon Ra. Tutu has better speed like you said, great cuts, and very good ball tracking ability. He doesn’t lose his spatial awareness after even three over the shoulder adjustments in this one case I saw that would leave most lost. He’d immediately replace Sims Jr at the slot, special teams, and any jet sweeps he’d see. He’s also a former qb which speaks well to his mind and processing ability, plus that speed gives him so much juice that you can see he runs with confidence and poise. AR has that confidence as well when the ball is in h
  2. I ****ing love that my team president just said he was in a glass cage of emotion.
  3. I agree, but do you think Tutu would be someone we look at? Im not sure he fits the versatility box Ron is looking for with his size/strength. I think they’ll be looking for bigger receivers who can be more multidimensional and contribute to blocking down field in the run game. Especially if AGG remains a question mark going into the draft. And even if we were looking for a jitterbug slot upgrade they might be more inclined to look at Amon Ra since he can also flex outside at times and he’s got an aggressive mentality with the ball in his hands.
  4. I can definitely be wrong, but I feel like Democratic voter-turnout is gonna smash on Republicans in most cases. These idiots have been using fear to get their base to go out and vote, but they don't realize that they are doing the same things to the Dems with they're consistently escalating acts of extremism and partisanship.
  5. With Sims Jr questionable, we might see quite a bit of Isaiah Wright on Sunday.
  6. Yea, they're secondary is decimated. Porter Gustin will most likely get the nod with Vernon out. He looked good in camp for them, high motor, but hopefully we can handle him while we focus on providing help against Myles Garrett.
  7. Why is it that a lot of republicans feel like a person is cheating if they don’t have to suffer the same amount in life that they did for success or shelter or dignity or the basic ability to live and be happy? Why are they so miserly with wanting to help people and see it as something is being taken away from them? Yet, they are perfectly fine with those above them taking from them?
  8. It's still early. Let's see if he can learn to process faster as the season goes on. It's not like he doesn't have the tools, he's just not making decisions fast enough. KPL had a great game that kind of validates what I've seen in him, but again it's still early. We still have yet to find out who these people are on a consistent basis within our scheme.
  9. Look, I'm not trying to be harsh but it is keyboard jockey talk, because you are not threading the needle right on something we can't afford to get wrong. And your response to Jumbo still shows you are getting it wrong. Most people do. I'm actually 37 and would have ended up being a govt. major and probably a damn good lawyer if I didn't go to federal prison back in 06. I've seen and lived with some of the most dark and violent people possible like an MS-13 shot-caller who shot this kid 7-8 times and cut his head off or this piece of **** dude in there for raping his 4 year old dau
  10. I highly recommend Wasteland 3 for anyone who enjoyed OG Fallout and the weird sense of humor it has. It's like a hilarious fallout/x-com/rpg game that's consistently putting you in situations where you have to make hard choices that affect your gameplay in many different ways. I mean where else are you forced to choose between aligning with Cannibal Hippies, Communist Robots, or a Ronald Reagan death cult that calls themselves the "Gippers"?
  11. Sorry, but this is loser talk and keyboard jockey **** regarding morals and war. You're basically saying we're too weak or incapable to thread the needle and fight back without retaining character and trust. We can be better than that and I get that it's hard to see that threading the needle process in many dems, because they have no edge, but some of the younger ones and the constituency do or are at least learning that they need to have one. There is difference between having no edge, having a healthy edge, and being a person with an edge but no character or integr
  12. I think you're talking about this one. I saw it too and thought it was interesting.
  13. Does anybody know if we had a single successful play action yesterday? An offense can’t function if the protection won’t allow you the time to get these off. It ****s up the chain of setting and sequencing plays to build a drive and that exact thing happened to us at least twice yesterday IIRC.
  14. It’s obvious that Turner is still figuring out how to best utilize McLaurin and just overall getting a feel for how to properly attack the defense. He should have been having TMC running those quick slants earlier in the game and making use of his speed. He also should have called screens earlier in the game, especially when it was obvious they were pinning their ears back. Hated that our rb’s had only one catch the whole game IIRC. Also hated that they never had Haskins try to use the snap count on the defense to slow them down. This team is still young and learning, but so is it
  15. Too much Qb watching from our db’s especially Landon on that 1st touchdown and Moreland on a 3rd or 4th down conversion later in the game. Also didn’t like the cushion given to Hopkins on some plays when the previous game showed how often he ran hitch routes. Apke is still way too slow with his decision making and letting people get behind him. Darby is still not good at playing the ball at the catch point. KPL had a much better game and played like last year’s tape said he could be. This offense needs much better play calling in the first half to make up
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