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  1. Last year my face value was $92.40 including tax and I paid $103.40 for the playoff tickets. There was also a $20.00 2015 Playoff Processing fee.
  2. After calls to both ticket office & nfl ticket exchange and an experiment by myself, I learned my account had to be "expanded" amd once the ticket office did that, I was good to go.
  3. Still no update when the account manager will be working. Was told 1:00 today but that wasn't true now they say hopefully by the end of the day.
  4. On NFL Ticket Exchange you can go thru thr whole process of listing tickets then get an email about 5 minutes later saying the bar codes are not any good.
  5. Still debating on mine .. I like the moves they made but $$ is tight plus I don't live 4 miles from the stadium anymore. But I really like my seats... Sec 403 Row 1 Skins side 20 yard line .. concessions & bathroom right at the entrance .. Might try to find someone to buy whole season or 1/2 season
  6. Mine just came ............ have to say real fast shipping
  7. WOW impressive ... Got my email at 5:32 pm yesterday .. They left Fort Smith Ark at 7:21 pm and they are on the delivery truck today ..
  8. Finally got my email .. says by Tues the 29th ..
  9. Normally they give you a Fed-ex tracking number when you get that email
  10. They are cutting it close this year ... I got my tickets last year on 7/23 .. haven't gotten any email this year yet ... and only 17 days to the 1st preseason game ..
  11. Wonder i f they changed the pole on it and it didn't have a point on it. It normally sticks in the ground when they throw it down. Hopefully it was something like that.
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