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  1. 2 hours ago, kingdaddy said:

    I am only saying he's improved over last year, not turning the ball over as much, managing to win games rather than being the reason they lose. I think we agree, he's gone from bad to not as bad and like I said, I'm glad we don't have him and that our future QB is yet to be determined over trying to develop him. I don't know how he manages to keep getting these long runs either...that might be his best attribute. 


    Yeah, I'm not seeing the improvement.


    Not sure about the fumbles although they HAD to have gone down he was fumbling like a mf'er last season lol...but his INT percentage is higher this season than last season.


    His TD percentage has absolutely bottomed out so far this year...it was 5.2% last season and is 2.4% this season.


    His yards per attempt is lower this year than last year.


    His passer rating is lower this year than last year. His QBR rating is higher, though.


    He definitely has improved in terms of running...like you, I'm at a loss to 'splain how he suddenly has the wheels to outrun an entire defense lol...I mean, what the hell.



  2. 2 hours ago, Warhead36 said:

    According to Grant Paulsen's Twitter:


    Chase Young got pressure on 8 of his first 63 pass rushes. He's gotten pressure 10 times on his last 139.

    Teams obviously decided he was not going to beat them. But I also wonder how much his groin injury is still a factor? It may not be. Spit-balling here.



    Or triple teams...




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  3. 2 hours ago, kingdaddy said:

    I think Jones is doing a great job for having lost Barkley and adjusting to a new system. Not sure what will become of him but he is winning games over the past couple of weeks and that's more than we can say about our QB's. I see a lot of Mitch Trubisky in Jones but I think Jones is a more accurate passer. I do think he's improving for sure. That being said I'm glad the Giants have him and hope we can find someone better.


    "Jones is winning games" is how people judge QBs who don't really know how to judge a QB. I know that's not you.


    Jones had a 4-game stretch where he didn't throw even one TD and threw 3 INTs, and the Giants lost all four. The last two games were wins, but Jones only threw 1 TD in them...and both wins were against Washington and Philly. Outside of the Jets the teams in the NFC East are the absolute worst teams in the absolute worst division...using beating us and Philly as proof of anything is most definitely not a strong foundation to use. I mean, hell, WE beat Philly lol...


    You said Jones is doing well considering he lost Barkley. Well, our QBs never HAD Barkley to begin with. So if were gonna grade Jones on a curve for losing Barkley, we should also grade our QBs on a curve for having to play every game without ever having an RB like Barkley on offense. His TD % is an abysmal 2.4%....for context, Dwayne Haskins' TD percentage is 2.7%.


    if Jones has improved, he's gone from embarrassingly mediocre to just play mediocre.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Thinking Skins said:


    These decisions make me clearly question Rivera / Smith as a duo in terms of their ability to judge talent and put the best player on the field. Heck Look at Cam Sims and his production vs Inman. SIms has outproduced him in just like 3 games. Its not even close. But Rivera was talking about the need for veteran leadership in the locker room. And I'm not going to doubt the importance of that, but at the expense of what? A better player? 



    To be fair, Sims already had a history of not showing up when given the chance so it's not out of the question he wasn't this year during practice, either...and in a truncated off-season I can easily see more seasoned WRs giving a new coach more confidence. James Thrash had a lengthy career in the NFL--and even got a decent contract--by being a WR coaches could trust even though he wasn't a WR coaches could count on to make plays when absolutely needed. Cam Sims may go out next week and drop 3 passes or run the wrong routes and it wouldn't surprise me. But a player like Thrash doing that would have surprised the hell out of me.

  5. 11 hours ago, Daniel.redskins said:


    I obviously think Young was a top 10 pick and a quality starter.  But don't act like you're not concerned about him getting manhandled one on one by no name tackles. 


    How about teams feeling they need to triple team him based on his play so far? How about his leading all rookies in QB pressures, or how his pressures have lead to the quarterback throwing INTs? Should we also consider those things when evaluating Young?



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  6. 15 hours ago, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:

    Im sure he’ll be convinced he can play in the league in 2021. 


    I think he's starting to convince the league that he can play in 2021, not just himself.



    4 minutes ago, method man said:

    Alex looked soso in 2018 because Gruden refused to adjust the offense for him like he did for Josh Johnson later in the year.


    This offense, with the mix of versatile pass catching backs, is a better fit for him. The passing yards are inflated due to the team playing from behind (Talib called it out that the Lions were playing zone most of the 2nd half until the end after playing man the 1st half) and what are usually run game yards being pass game yards (w all the checkdowns)


    TheSubmittedOne posted a chart several weeks ago that showed the Skins' offensive plays and scheme were similar to what the Chiefs are running. Smith excelled there, so you could be right. Then again, the Chiefs may have changed their scheme in the years since Mahomes took over.

  7. 10 hours ago, Larry said:


    Just watching the "full video".  


    Yeah, the guy who I assume is the center of the story attacked a bunch of people.  He was also receiving some shoves and things.  And was initiating.  


    But, at the end?  He was walking away, and was assaulted from behind.  


    IMO, the ideal ending would be several arrests.  And probably a lot of community service.  (Maybe together.)  


    For me, the ideal ending would be karma making itself known.


    Guy at the beginning was attacked from behind, and then was walking away only to be pushed to the ground and stomped on. Karma would be seeing the guy who attacked him from behind and who stomped on him while he was on the ground, get attacked from behind himself and then stomped on after being knocked on the ground.


    The arrests can still happen. Just hope the police and district attorney look at the entire video.

  8. 1 hour ago, veteranskinsfan said:

    Eagles are in free fall.  Too old at certain positions and Carson Wentz has been hit more than any other NFL quarterback.  Also think he never fully recovered from his last season injury.  Meanwhile Jones at quarterback for the Giants gets better each week.  

    Some Esers on this Board were wrong last year saying Jones was a bust pick for the Giants.


    Jones “gets better each week” lol...um, ok.

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