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  1. ChampSkinsFan

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Thanks to whoever pointed out the game was on Cozi Comcast Channel 460
  2. You guys keep bringing up preseason and how not much stock should be put into what happens but remember how he lost his job in preseason. Remember how he showed he couldn't get rid of the ball in preseason and kept getting sacked and got himself hurt. I'm just saying give the man some credit he looks like hes improved. At least if he plays like that week 4 can be a game.
  3. For the record I'm a Kirk guy but... I just watched RG3 pretty much light up a preseason defense we couldn't move the ball against.
  4. RG3 looks good. Like scary 2012 could beat us in Week 4 good
  5. ChampSkinsFan

    All Things Boxing

    I can't see the fight and can't find a streaming site but really want Paulie to shut Broner up tonight. I'm counting on your unbiased play by play to let me know how the fight goes.
  6. ChampSkinsFan

    All Things Boxing

    I think he was on something to but I went back and looked at some pictures of both Pacquiao and JMM they both have gained alot of muscle in the last couple of years. So I guess Pacquiao complaining about PEDS would be like the pot calling the kettle black. A big percentage of the guys in professional sports are cheaters anyway.
  7. ChampSkinsFan

    All Things Boxing

    I still think Flloyd will lose to Pacquio
  8. ChampSkinsFan

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I'm at work and right now I wish I didn't follow the links