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  1. You know what really grinds my gears!! The media criticizing the Washington Redskins like we are a bunch of slouches.

    1. Stugein


      We kind of deserve it until we prove otherwise.

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  2. How worse can this season get huh?!

  3. Is Google photos a better option than Photobucket? I'm looking for a place to just dump everything from various phones, laptops, an old computer, etc. I'm not worried about security, there aren't any nudes, just what's the best organizer that's also free?

    1. Stugein


      imgur is nice too. Straight forward and you can organize everything into albums if you want.

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  4. HEY! My riotously funny podcast "THE BANG RADIO HOUR" is up for a People's Choice Award. Go vote for me in the sports category, and I'll be eternally grateful until at least 2:30. http://www.podcastawards.com/

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