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  1. Who was it in here that had Reddick as a 7th round-UDFA player? It will be interesting tracking his rookie season whether on the Skins or elsewhere
  2. At this point, very unlikely we get either Hankins or Brown. But Richardson still intrigues me, yes I know his cap hit is ~8 million but I really think this is the classic 'change of scenery' case. Richardson is one of the most talented DL in the league. For a 4th rounder? Yeah, I'll take my chances
  3. Round 2-3 tape, but pretty evident to me that he has serious upside. Measurables suggest teams can move him around a bit instead of playing strictly EDGE. Easy comparison is Clay Matthews, I think Watt is a little more versatile but nothing like the bend Clay had in his prime years. Injuries have ravaged Clay's career. That two year run he had a few years back, man that dude was a menace. Anyways, I'd be disappointed if we selected him at 17, but wouldn't hate grabbing him in mid-20's due to trading back. Defense still needs a lot of help
  4. People forget we had ZERO running game, especially up the middle, against Dallas on Thanksgiving. McClain, I'm sure, was a huge part in that.
  5. This could be another problem in itself. I'm all for a complex defense to give an offense different looks, but not at the expense of our CBs and Safeties looking at each other like "whose guy was that? That's your guy man." More than one guy on our defense spoke of Joe Barry's defense as "complicated." Let's hope Manusky does a better job of organizing and eliminating confusion among our guys.
  6. Is there any tape out there of senior bowl practices? Would love to see Reddick, he was impressive at Temple but he's projected a different role at the next level. Wish I could see how the coaches utilized him throughout the week that gave some scouts/media guys to compare him to Ryan Shazier. I think it would be a great pick due to his potential and our need for a guy like that on our D, do we have the defensive coaching staff to get him up to speed and maximize his potential?
  7. I don't think anything he has said has been out of line. Why wouldn't he post negativity, have you been paying attention to this team in the last two months? Our biggest priority outside of Cousins this offseason has been band-aided up by two overpriced bodies that have done very little in their careers. I think we've made a couple good moves, but I don't blame ANYONE for unleashing hatred towards this pathetic organization.
  8. You'd give up a first for an aging CB with a monster contract that has been solid, but is surrounded by the best safety help in the league? No thanks
  9. ST guy. Looks like we are filling bottom roster out and will sit on the cap space available. *Trump voice* Sad!
  10. I get what you're saying, but I'm honestly glad they've stuck to their plan and haven't gone off course to make a splash signing to wipe the stench off the Scot situation. I'm extremely concerned regarding our DL and ILbs but also realize there are still FA options and a lot of draft picks to make improvements. Remember, we did phone the NYJ about what the price for Sheldon was just before the trade deadline 👀
  11. Yeah, I don't know what the plan is for DL. If we roll with these guys we will get absolutely abused by any team
  12. McCaffrey just doesn't convince me. Only offense I'd consider at 17 is Fournette, Howard, Cook in that order. Reddick/Lattimore/Allen/Hooker/Foster in no particular order, I'd be happy with any of those picks
  13. Have we even been connected to Hankins at all? I haven't seen anything, I'm not sure why everyone has their hopes up about landing him
  14. Kirk is one of the better QBs at working through his reads and getting the ball out quickly, but yeah I think Pryor will put up big #'s if he stays healthy
  15. Let's take a step back and let things play out. Overpaid by huge margins? Did you see what Dion Sims is getting from Chicago? VD will see the field a ton and is basically a starter. Those contracts are average for each decent starter at the respective positions. We can't get a steal of a deal like we did with Pryor with every single guy we bring in, it just doesn't work that way.