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  1. This makes me incredibly sad, being born right at the end of the Gibbs dynasty (1993), the Skins haven't sniffed the super bowl in my time. I can't even imagine the euphoria and sheer happiness it must be as a fan of a Suoer Bowl winner.
  2. ^^^ Bruce, time to log off ES and leave the bar it's only Wednesday..
  3. Vernon Davis looks chiseled as he was at 26 years of age. To me, he's a top-10 TE in this league, and for everyone who thought we overpaid I have a feeling that narrative will quickly dissipate. Way to be VD!
  4. I cannot wait to see Fat Rob and Perine 1-2 punch this year with CT on 3rd. I'm very confident in that position
  5. Robert Kelley came into OTA in the best shape of his life and some of us are talking about Keith frickin Marshall unseating him on the depth chart. Good lord
  6. Way too harsh. Colt fits perfect in Jay's system and is one of the best backup QB's in the league. Zero chance he gets released regardless of Kirk signing a LTD. Kirk has been extremely durable but its football, all it takes is one hit to be out multiple weeks. Colt is great to have around
  7. I literally haven't heard one peep from Jay about Ryan Grant since last August. If you're calling me a homer, then you are wrong. I was simply analyzing his presser. I screen shotted that and can't wait to tweet at every single one of them after every win 😂 Bowen, I understand because he played professionally, these other guys it's just funny. They honestly have no ****ing clue other than the Scot debacle. It's embarrassing how these guys have jobs. I'll give Field Yates credit, he has great hair. Easy to look at on TV? What a joke
  8. Caught a little bit of Jay's presser. He is high on everyone, but VERY high on Swearinger. Says he's playing with confidence and thinks he can be one of the best in the league. In my eyes, he was much more praising with Swearinger at S than Cravens.
  9. Agreed. How quick our new defensive starters can mesh within the defense is the biggest storyline this season. If they can be average we will be fine. Nothing makes me happier about us flying under the radar
  10. If our offense is looking this sharp against ANY NFL defense this early on, look out. Kirky boy may have himself a YEAR
  11. Gil Brandt - respected my many, MANY people within the league, put Skins in his top 10 of most talented rosters. I've been saying in different threads the last couple weeks, this is the most complete Redskins team in the Dan Snyder era. Our division is tough, but if we sneak into playoffs I have no doubt we will be playing divisional round weekend.
  12. I still think Mayock eventually hops on board. With that Schefter report among others, it seemed like too much smoke not to be fire. I get the whole power struggle thing is very unattractive, but this roster is deep and talented. The rest of the East is getting better also so the path to the playoffs will be tougher, but if we sneak in, we will make noise. I have no doubt about that
  13. The money part about Sherman is what scares me and what many have brought up- that's a lot of $$ locked up in secondary. Unless it's a great deal, let's sit tight and see what we got with the young guns
  14. Few different reports said we were talking with NYJ during draft. Think that indicates at least slight interest